Rating of the best summer tires 2013

Despite the frosts, it's time to prepare the car for a warm season. In a few months, you will have to change the winter tires for the summer version. Leading experts conducted the summer tire test for 2013 , publishing their own recommendations.

Based on these recommendations, our rating of the best summer tires of the year 2013 was compiled. Ten leaders include rubber of different price categories, but each of the tires provides safe and comfortable driving.


    • This article is outdated. Read the rating of summer tires in 2014.Rubber test and summary results table.
  • 10.Barum Bravuris 2.
  • 9. Federal SS595.
  • 8. Yokohama AC02 C.
  • 7. Pirelli Cinturato P1.
  • 6. Michelin Energy Saver.
  • 5. Toyo Proxes C1S.
  • 4. Kumho Solus KH17.
  • 3. Toyo Proxes CF1.
  • 2. Nokian Hakka Green.
  • 1. Michelin Energy XM2.

This article is outdated. Read the rating of the summer tires 2014.Rubber test and summary results table.

Analyzing the cost of tires, we stopped at the most popular among Russian car owners of the size of tires - 205 / 55R16.The price of rubber of this size is given for each participant in the rating.

We offer a look at the rating of winter tires 2013-2014.

10.Barum Bravuris 2.

The cost of one tire is about 5 thousand rubles. The tires feature an asymmetric tread pattern. The composition of the rubber compound includes silicon, which optimizes the behavior of the car on a wet road and reduces rolling resistance. In comparison with Bravuris 1, the new summer tires reduce the stopping distance by 5% on wet asphalt by 5% and improve the controllability by 4%.

9. Federal SS595.

Cost - about 3 thousand rubles. The original V-shaped tread pattern provides maximum traction and control accuracy in all conditions. Federal - one of the best brands in an inexpensive segment.

8. Yokohama AC02 C.

Drive 2. The cost is about 4 thousand rubles. To increase the level of adhesion and environmental performance, orange oil is added to the rubber compound. The tires feature low noise levels and guarantee excellent handling.

7. Pirelli Cinturato P1.

Cost - about 4 thousand rubles. According to the manufacturer's statements, in comparison with the tires of previous modifications, the model Cinturato P1, included in the 2013 rating, allows to reduce fuel consumption by 4% and noise level by as much as 30%.

6. Michelin Energy Saver.

Cost - just under 4 thousand rubles. According to tests of the company T? V S? D Automotive, these tires will last for an average of 10 000 km more than most of the fellow class. The Energy Saver tires are one of the best rolling resistance indicators in the rating.

5. Toyo Proxes C1S.

Cost - about 4 thousand rubles. In comparison with the previous modification, the rolling resistance is reduced in the new model. A new tread pattern and an anti-noise wall make driving as safe and at the same time comfortable.

4. Kumho Solus KH17.

The cost is about 3500 rubles. These comfort-class tires offer good grip, low noise and excellent handling. Experts of the edition "At the wheel" note the fuel efficiency of this tire model.

3. Toyo Proxes CF1.

Cost - about 4 thousand rubles. The model, which closes the top three among the tires included in the rating of the 2013 summer tires , replaced the popular TOYO R610 tires. Rubber with asymmetric tread pattern surpasses the previous model in terms of noise, comfort and control accuracy.

2. Nokian Hakka Green.

The cost is slightly above 3500 rubles. The prefix "Green" in the name of the tires is evidence of their high ecological safety. In addition, experts note the high level of adhesion, the lack of the effect of "melting" even on the most hot asphalt, as well as low rolling resistance.

1. Michelin Energy XM2.

The best summer tires in 2013 costs about 5 thousand rubles per tire. The manufacturer characterizes this model as ideal for developing countries with bad roads. The tires feature increased durability and low rolling resistance. The unique design of the sidewall allows the tires to pass through curbs and road pits without loss. The life of the XM2 is 20% higher than the Michelin Energy Saver.