The most popular crossovers up to 1 million rubles

The car-crossover is prestige, dynamics and comfort in the "one saloon".What crossovers worth up to one million rubles are the most popular in Russia? The answer to this question was given by the experts of the Association of European Business. This is how looks like the top 5 most popular "parkets" .


  • 5. Cherry Tiggo FL
  • 4. Ford EcoSport
  • 3. Lifan X60
  • 2. Nissan Terrano
  • 1. Renault Duster

5. Cherry Tiggo FL

The price is from 639.9 thousand rubles.

In appearance, this popular Chinese crossover worth up to 1,000,000 rubles.similar to the Toyota RAV4.They collect it at the Taganrog Automobile Plant. On the basic equipment can not complain: there are air conditioning, and two airbags and parking sensors, and audio, and ABS, and alarms and much more. In a mixed cycle, the machine "eats" 6.7 liters, which is not enough for such a large car.

The manufacturer took into account the requirements of motorists and produces the Tiggo FL not only with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox, but also with a variator. In the reviews, many owners praise the huge trunk - 520 liters and an indestructible suspension.

4. Ford EcoSport

Basic equipment - from 979 thousand rubles.

With a clearance of 200 mm this car is not afraid of even completely buried in the ground curbs and high snowdrifts. The corners of the entrance( 22 °) and the exit( 35 °) also please. Stones and pits? No, they did not.

But on the manufacturer's functions greedy: in the basic version there is only an audio system with 6 speakers, stabilization system, air conditioning and electric windows. And the suspension is harsh and the trunk is too small( 322 liters).But the car is not gluttonous: in a mixed cycle consumes 6.6 liters of gasoline per 100 km, and has a nice exterior with an aggressive cutout of headlights and strict body lines.

3. Lifan X60

The price - from 629,9 thousand rbl.

The rating of the most popular crossovers of 2016 continues the next child of the automobile industry of the Celestial Empire. At the start of sales, it was able to collect 16 thousand customers and bypassed another clone of Toyota RAV4 - Chery Tiggo. The car is made well, nothing creaks in the cabin, despite the hard plastic. The car is equipped with a magnificent multimedia complex, which includes the Navitel navigation system, a TV tuner, a rear-view camera, the ability to watch DVDs and even launch games( although playing kosynku on the go is not the best idea).

Large trunk( 405 liters), high ground clearance - 180 mm and an average fuel consumption of 8.2 liters.- this is what the Lifan X60 boasts for quite moderate money.

2. Nissan Terrano

Price - 893 thousand rubles.

Powerful, beautiful all-wheel drive crossover up to 1 million rubles with two engine options - at 122 hp(1.6 liters) and 143 hp( 2 liters).COMFORT includes passenger and driver airbags, ABS and ESP( except for the modification of 1.6 liters).In the cycle, the city-route consumes 7.6 liters of fuel. The clearance is greater than the Ford EcoSport - 205 mm, and in the trunk of 475 liters you can put everything you need for a short or long trip, and a couple of friends will also fit.

1. Renault Duster

The cost is from 629 thousand rubles.

Tops the top five best-selling crossovers on the Russian car market. What explains its popularity? The choice between diesel and gasoline engine. A clearance of 210 mm, which envies other participants in the rating, a reliable suspension, many times tested on Russian roads, and most importantly, off-road. Modern technologies, such as the remote engine start system and multimedia navigation system Media-Nav, which notifies about traffic jams and cameras and shows not only asphalted tracks, but also roads without coverage.

The trunk dimensions for the 4x4 version are 405-408 liters, for the front-wheel drive version 4х2 - 475 liters.

The only thing that "pumped up" is a poor basic equipment. Driver's airbag, power steering and folding rear row of seats. And for the rest have to pay extra.