Top-10 machines that lose the least in price

Buying a new car, we often imagine how in 3-5 years we will start looking for a replacement. Therefore, when buying a car, one of the criteria may be the ability of cars to depreciate minimally over time.

Traditionally it is believed that the most expensive machines lose in price. However, the research of the agency "Autostat" gave unexpected results. Renault Laguna suffers the most, depreciating by 44.6% in three years. We offer you Top-10 machines that lose the least in time .

  • 10. Nissan Note
  • 9. KIA Soul
  • 8. Volkswagen Amarok
  • 7. Honda CR-V
  • 6. Great Wall Hover H5
  • 5. Volkswagen Polo
  • 4. Volkswagen Golf
  • 3. Hyundai Santa Fe
  • 2Hyundai Solaris
  • 1. Renault Sandero

10. Nissan Note

The price of the new Note in 2011 was about 514 thousand rubles. In 2014, the same car, but already with mileage can be sold for 421 thousand. The loss of value will be 18.2%.

9. KIA Soul

The new KIA Soul in 2011 was sold for 684 thousand rubles. Three years later, a second-hand car costs an average of 560,600 rubles. Thus, the loss of value will be 18%.

8. Volkswagen Amarok

The mid-sized pick-up is depreciating over the three years by 17.7%.The new Amarok in 2011 could be purchased for 1 270 thousand, and in 2014 such a car can be sold for 1 046 thousand rubles.

7. Honda CR-V

The car loses in price 16.9% for three years of operation. The new CR-V in 2011 cost 1,188 thousand, a second-hand car of the same configuration today costs 987 thousand.

6. Great Wall Hover H5

The Chinese SUV loses 16.9% of the cost in three years, which is a great result in comparison with its "classmates".New Hover three years ago was worth 747 thousand rubles, in 2014 a second-hand car can be bought for 621 thousand rubles.

5. Volkswagen Polo

The most affordable model Volkswagen depreciates in three years by 16.2%.The new Volkswagen Polo in 2011 was sold for 517 thousand rubles, three years later a used car costs 433 thousand.

4. Volkswagen Golf

One of the most popular models from Volkswagen in the price loses 16.1% for three years of operation. The new Golf in 2011 was sold at a price of 702 thousand rubles, 3 years later the model of the same year of release costs about 590 thousand.

3. Hyundai Santa Fe

The most profitable crossover in three years loses in price 16%.The price of the new car in 2011 was 1 310 thousand rubles, and in 2014 the model in the same configuration is sold for 1 101 thousand rubles.

2. Hyundai Solaris

To date, this model confidently claims the title of national car. The loss in the price for three years is 15.9%.If in 2011 the new Solaris cost 517 thousand rubles, then in 2014 the same car is sold for 435 thousand.

1. Renault Sandero

The most profitable car for ownership is a subcompact hatchback built on the Renault Logan chassis. For three years, the car loses only 14.9% in price. The price of the new Renault Sandero in 2011 was 426,000 rubles, and a second-hand car in 2014 it costs 362,900 rubles.