Rating of the best GPS navigators of 2014

The market for navigators is very diverse today, which makes their choice quite difficult, especially for those who are not familiar with them.

Today we will find out which GPS navigator is best to buy. Introducing the rating of the best GPS navigators in 2014 .

GPS navigators are the best devices for orienting on the terrain, they are laying short and convenient routes to the planned goal when driving on foot or driving a car. The general principle of its operation lies in the reception of GPS signals from satellites, based on the received data from them, the device determines the coordinates in space.


  • 5. Garmin nuvi 50
  • 4. Prestigio GeoVision 5050
  • 3. LEXAND STA-7.0
  • 2. Garmin nuvi 2495LT
  • 1. Garmin nuvi 150LMT

5. Garmin nuvi 50

Advantages. Simple and reliable navigator. Clear interface, without additional unnecessary features( most users like it).Loud voice, bright screen. A robust case, though plastic. Reliable fastening. Appearance is expensive and solid. Instantly finds the satellite. Intuitive and easy to use interface. The stylus is not needed - there are large buttons. While driving, it is safe, correctly routes, showing all the detours and turns, as well as how many kilometers before them. Correct voice prompts. In severe frosts, the touch screen operation does not stop.

Disadvantages. For long trips, the Garmin nuvi 50 is not very convenient, one intermediate point is set. Charging in this model is not connected to the mount, but to the case. Not all the necessary objects are displayed on the map near the road. There are no outlines of houses. Short cord. Dorogovat for those who want to get a multifunctional car navigator.

4. Prestigio GeoVision 5050

Advantages. Cost of the navigator. The screen is bright enough. Convenient fastening. The simplest navigator with a good five-inch screen. Simple menu, easy operation, good build quality. Two styluses in the kit. Not a bad design. Stable connection with the satellite. The sound is loud, the picture does not shine. Good performance.

Disadvantages. The battery sits up quickly, in navigation mode for about 30 minutes. Velcro sometimes falls off the glass. Not a clear color at the screen. Relative to other navigators, work is slower. A long time looking for satellites. Native fastening is clunky.


Advantages. High capacity battery. Large 7-inch screen, android system. There is a wifi. Supports USB stick. You can use instead of a tablet, install additional programs The case does not creak and do not play. Build quality. Navigation software Navitel, functional and convenient. The battery is quite capacious. You can turn on the cigarette lighter quickly catches satellites. Good ratio at the best price and quality.

Disadvantages. 3G is not supported. For a tablet of RAM and permission is not enough. It's good to use as a tablet - it will not work, the batteries will last for a while. The cable to the cigarette lighter is short. When used for a long time, it becomes quite hot.

2. Garmin nuvi 2495LT

Advantages. GPS and Glonass in one device. Dispatching interface FMI, intended for taxi services. Decoupling in 3D.Player audiobooks. Good build quality. The navigator has a convenient mount. Pretty quick, shows all the moves. Synchronization with a smartphone using Smartphone Link. Voice control. Responsive to the touch screen, the rear panel is rubberized. Automatic brightness adjustment of the display. Thoughtful menu.

Disadvantages. A bit expensive. The screen is too small. With traffic jams copes not very well, as it receives via the FM radio channel, the downloads need to wait respectively 10-15 minutes. No audio output. When you view large cards, it slows down. Unstable operation Hands-Free Bluetooth.

1. Garmin nuvi 150LMT

Our rating is led by the best GPS navigator for 2014 - Garmin nuvi 150LMT.

Advantages. Large touch screen in 5 inches. Excellent workmanship. Good navigation through the menu. Simple operation. Durable housing, quality on the level. Quick search for satellites. The response of the sensor is excellent. Search with tips for addresses and points of interest. Bright screen. A pleasant voice, quickly paves the way. Built-in Yandex plugs. There is nothing superfluous, just a convenient navigator.

Disadvantages. Cost of the navigator. Not very compact. The route planner could have been better.