Best selling cars of 2013

According to the regular report of the Association of European Businesses, in the first six months of this year, 6% less cars were sold in Russia than in the same period last year. In general, the Russians bought 1.33 million cars, however, some brands were very popular.

In the top ten the best-selling cars of 2013 are collected according to the results of the first half-year.


  • 10. Skoda( 42,847 pieces)
  • 9. Ford( 51,123 pcs.)
  • 8. Nissan( 63,747 pcs.)
  • 7. Toyota( 73 054 pcs.)
  • 6. Volkswagen( 77,280pcs.)
  • 5. Chevrolet( 80 200 pcs.)
  • 4. Hyundai( 89 466 pcs.)
  • 3. KIA( 94,870 pcs.)
  • 2. Renault( 104 633 pcs.)
  • 1. Lada( 226,729)pcs.)

10. Skoda( 42 847 pcs.)

With its high sales volumes, Skoda is due primarily to the popular Oktavia model, for the first half of this year, more than 22,000 units were sold. The second most popular is the baby Fabia, followed by an impressive Yeti and a solid Superb.

9. Ford( 51,123 pcs.)

The brand is giving way to competitors, once the national car lost almost 20% of sales compared to the first half of 2012. The most popular model from Ford has been Focus for many years.

8. Nissan( 63 747 pcs.)

The lion's share of the brand's sales falls on the Nissan Qashqai crossover. Sales of Nissan as a whole have considerably considerably fallen in comparison with the last( 2012) year - almost on 20%.For 6 months of the current year, 16,000 fewer cars were sold than in the previous year.

7. Toyota( 73 054 pcs.)

The list of 25 best selling cars in 2013 included just 2 models from Toyota - the Camry representative and the RAV 4 crossover. Sales of the latest model demonstrated impressive growth - by 43% compared to last year's period.

6. Volkswagen( 77 280 pcs.)

The most sold model from Volkswagen is Polo. The share of an affordable and reliable car accounts for almost 50% of sales. In general, Volkswagen's performance fell slightly - by almost 5% compared to the first half of 2012. However,

5. Chevrolet( 80 200 pcs.)

Among the most popular models of the brand - Chevrolet Cruze and affordable SUV Niva. Together, both models account for about 70% of the brand's sales.

4. Hyundai( 89,466 units)

The Hyundai Solaris takes second place in the ranking of the most popular cars of 2013.The share of Solaris accounts for more than 57 thousand sales. The second most popular model is the ix35 crossover.

3. KIA( 94 870 pcs.)

The Korean brand, which closes the top three of our list, showed an increase of 4.26% compared to last year's period. Kia's sales leaders are the New Rio and Sportage models.

2. Renault( 104 633 pcs.)

The company clearly intends to take Ford from the title of the manufacturer of folk cars. Immediately 3 models from Renault entered the list of the most popular - affordable crossover Duster, megapopular budget Logan and hatchback Sandero.

1. Lada( 226 729 pcs.)

Despite the fact that sales of Lada cars decreased by almost 10% compared to the first half of 2012, they still remain the most popular and sold. Model Lada Granta topped the list of 25 best-selling cars for 6 months of 2013.