Rating of countries for road quality

Experts of the World Economic Forum drove along the roads of 144 countries to choose the best. Unfortunately, out of 144 possible places, Russia took only 136th position in the final list. In the neighborhood with us were Ukraine and the Central African Republic of Gabon.

By the way, the most terrible roads of Moldova were recognized. Well, we offer to your attention the top ten states that headed the rating of countries for the quality of roads.



10. Germany

  • 9. Finland
  • 8. Hong Kong
  • 7. Austria
  • 6. Switzerland
  • 5. Oman
  • 4. Portugal
  • 3. Singapore
  • 2. United Arab Emirates
  • 1. France
  • 10. Germany

    The last placein the top ten can be explained by the fact that the age of most of the German autobahns exceeds 30 years. By the way, to check the condition of the roads, the Germans have been using the latest laser scanning technology since this year.

    9. Finland

    Maintaining the quality of roads in a country where the temperature in the winter drops to minus 40 degrees annually is not an easy task. To detect hidden defects that can eventually destroy the coating, Finns use thermal imaging cameras.

    8. Hong Kong

    This small Asian state boasts the highest level of infrastructure development, including transport infrastructure. To build and maintain the quality of roads in Hong Kong do not spare money, believing the transport network plays an important role in the region's attractiveness for investors.

    7. Austria

    Most of all, Austrian road builders are provided with high-altitude alpine areas, which are the fastest to fall into disrepair. However, with their task, responsible services cope with success - roads in Austria are of the highest quality.

    6. Switzerland

    In order to maintain the excellent quality of the road surface, the roads of Switzerland were paid. When entering the country, you need to purchase a vignette. Passage through some tunnels is paid additionally, because the maintenance of the road, laid through the mountain, requires high costs.

    5. Oman

    Expensive cars of oil princes and their subjects must travel on good roads. This rule has been followed in Oman for several decades already. The development of a network of highways in the country does not spare money.

    4. Portugal

    25 years ago, the quality of the road surface in the country terrified both locals and tourists. However, today in Portugal, even the tiniest villages can boast of excellent roads, not to mention the highways of national importance.

    3. Singapore

    The level of development of engineering and construction technologies in the country deserves special praise. The road construction industry was no exception. On laying and repair of roads in Singapore are allocated huge funds, which allows maintaining the highest quality, despite the traffic intensity.

    2. UAE

    The construction of roads in the Emirates is carried out according to the technologies borrowed from the Germans, in addition, almost all the highways in the country are beautifully lit in the dark. There are many circular multilevel interchanges in the country, for design and construction of which the best engineers from all over the world are involved.

    1. France

    The excellent quality of the coating, the availability of lighting in the dark, the abundance of service stations - all this makes France's roads the best in the world. Moreover, experts point out that the quality of paid and free roads is practically the same.