How to choose the best car batteries

Caring for a personal car is the direct responsibility of every owner. Most often it is limited to cleaning, pumping tires, replacing the oil and refilling the coolant. Behind the density of the battery fluid, the battery life, due to the absence of corrosion of the contacts, is monitored by a small number of motorists. Therefore, with the arrival of cold, it is often possible to see grief-motorists who can not start their own car.

It is necessary to prepare for the winter, rechargeable batteries should be checked and if the recharging improves their performance for a short while, you should purchase a new battery. Particular attention should be paid to batteries in the event that the summer turned out to be interesting: long trips on jolting roads can contribute to the destruction of the battery plates.

What you need to know when choosing batteries

Go to the store for a battery with a technical passport is not necessary, often it just does not help. Moreover, all the necessary information the car owner can draw only under the hood of his car and in his technical passport. It is necessary to understand what capacity batteries should have, what inrush current they should give out. This is of great importance, since it affects the operation of the starter when starting a cold engine. It is also necessary to clarify the dimensions of the battery and the location of its poles, since the cross-connection of batteries is unsafe, and the length of the wires can often not be enough.

Which rechargeable batteries are better

To give priority to a cheap battery should be in only one case: if you are preparing an old car for sale, which is still waiting for major repairs. In other situations, it is best to purchase reliable batteries from a well-known manufacturer. They are characterized by longer operation, they are equipped with solid housings that do not crack in the frost. Often, for the convenience of users, leading manufacturers of batteries install indicators on them, allowing you to monitor the degree of battery discharge. When choosing a battery for a car that has a stereo system, air conditioning, other optional equipment, you should stop choosing a model whose power has a stock of 10-20 amps, this clearly does not interfere with operation. Such battery, if used correctly, can last three to four years.