Rating of the most reliable cars 2016 J.D.Power

Analysts of J.D. Power CSI regularly conduct research on the reliability of cars among buyers in order to find out whether all car owners are satisfied with their acquisitions. Interviewed drivers with an experience of car ownership in two years, it turns out the number of failures, quality, convenience and maintenance costs. Based on these data, the car owner's satisfaction index is calculated, according to which the cars are located in the rating. Although the survey was conducted among European motorists, it seems that the results of it will help determine the most reliable car for Russia.

10. Mazda CX-5

  • 9. Audi Q3
  • 8. Hyundai ix35
  • 7. Opel Adam
  • 6. Toyota Auris
  • 5. Skoda Fabia
  • 4. Skoda Yeti
  • 3. Opel Mokka
  • 2. VW Tiguan
  • 1. Kia Sportage
  • 10. Mazda CX-5

    Opens the rating of the most reliable cars of 2016, a stylish, bright crossover with a filling with the latest technology( one record high for a standard production gasoline engine compression ratio of 14: 1 worth).Customers are more satisfied with the reliability of the car - there are 92 breakdowns per 100 vehicles.

    9. Audi Q3

    Crossover premium, comfortable, quiet and reliable enough - for 100 vehicles there are 90 breakages.

    8. Hyundai ix35

    Compact crossover, the third generation of the Hundai Tucson is notable for safety( the American Institute of Insurance and Road Safety has awarded this car the highest award Top Safety Pick), and reliability - a hundred vehicles have 89 breakdowns.

    7. Opel Adam

    The best representative of the class of small cars from the presented in the rating. Small, economical( only 3.5 liters of fuel per 100 km), eco-friendly, with a bright, memorable design, good finishes and excellent handling. And at the same time reliable enough - for 100 cars 87 breakages.

    6. Toyota Auris

    The best model in the segment of a compact family car in this rating. For all its lack of expression, the car is quite reliable - among cars of 2-3 years on average 84 out of 100 had to apply for technical assistance. Serious breakdowns got even less cars - only 2.6%.

    5. Skoda Fabia

    Hatchback Skoda Fabia - this is the third generation of this model. Large, roomy( the most impressive trunk in the classroom) and safe( the car got the first place in passive safety in the hatchback class).Owners of Skoda Fabia are positive - 80 breakdowns per 100 cars.

    4. Skoda Yeti

    The owner of the title "Family Car of the Year", the fourth place in the competition "European Car of the Year" is popular with motorists - at the end of last year more than half a million compact crossovers Skoda Yeti came off the assembly line. After the purchase, the owners are rather satisfied with the reliability of the car - there are 77 breakdowns per 100 cars.

    3. Opel Mokka

    Since the first appearance of the Opel Mokka in the Geneva Motor Show, it's been four years already. In general, the customers are quite satisfied with this mini-crossover, which, with small dimensions, has enough cross-country capability( if you choose a complete with all-wheel drive, of course).In general, customers are satisfied with the quality of Opel Mokka. There are 67 breakdowns per 100 cars, which allows a worthy representative of the German automotive industry to take the third place in the rating of the most reliable cars.

    2. VW Tiguan

    The second generation of the VW Tiguan crossover is significantly different from its predecessor - the car has become more solid, more in size and more comfortable for both the driver and passengers. And the level of reliability is quite high - 58 breakdowns per 100 cars.

    1. Kia Sportage

    And the most reliable car( even in the secondary market) and the undisputed leader of the rating is the Kia Sportage SUV, which has only 45 breakdowns for 100 cars with a run. Impressive result! Knowingly Kia Sportage enjoys well-deserved love of motorists. The latest version of the car is equipped with a lot of technical innovations like the system of recognition of road signs, parking assistance, a camera in the windshield( it analyzes the location of the oncoming cars and automatically switches the light from far to near) and much more.