Rating of car batteries 2016-2017, the best models( Top-12)

Tests are a great way to determine which of the car batteries is the best for your vehicle. You will know exactly which model to go to the store when it's time to buy a new car battery. To facilitate the life of car enthusiasts, the experts of the magazine "Behind the wheel" published battery rating for 2016-2017 car after comparing 6 models of imported and domestic car batteries.

The rating "Behind the wheel" was compiled on the basis of the following criteria:

  • reserve capacity of the battery;
  • reduced start energy with the declared and unified current;
  • reduced starting energy with a single current at very low temperature( minus 29ºC);
  • charge reception at constant external voltage.

Introducing the winners and outsiders of the top-12 best batteries for winter cars 2016-2017.The price of devices is indicated based on Yandex. Market statistics.


12. Delkor

  • 11. SilverStar
  • 10. ACOM
  • 9. VARTA Blue Dynamic
  • 8. Mutlu Silver Evolution
  • 7. Bosch
  • 6. Titan Euro Silver
  • 5. Beast
  • 4. The Tyumen bear
  • 3. ExidePremium
  • 2. Topla
  • 1. Tyumen Battery Premium
  • 12. Delkor

    • The price is from 5700 rubles.
    • Country of origin: not specified
    • Capacity - 60 Ah.
    • Declared current - 525 A.

    This battery disappointed the testers in almost all parameters. At temperatures below 29ºC, she ordered "a long life."The claimed current is the most modest, if compared with other participants in the test.

    11. SilverStar

    • The price - from 3690 rbl.
    • Country of manufacture: Russia
    • Capacity - 65 Ah.
    • Current - 610 A.

    The words "Russian production" in this case are not at all praise. At 29-degree frost, the battery lasted 11 seconds. Bad indicator of price / quality.

    10. ACOM

    • The price - from 4290 rbl.
    • Country of manufacture: Russia
    • Capacity - 62 A / h.
    • Declared current - 540 A.

    Unexpected death of the battery at -29 degrees deprived him of a chance to rise above the tenth position in the rating of car batteries in 2016.

    9. VARTA Blue Dynamic

    • The price is from 4150 rubles.
    • Country of origin: not specified
    • Capacity - 60 A / h.
    • Current - 540 A.

    Although the battery test passed, its unstable results on the estimated parameters forced the experts to place the test sample in the "far corner" of the rating. But in the feedback of users on various profile sites, the battery was honored for its longevity( up to 7 years) and resistance to severe frost( -25 to -42ºC).

    8. Mutlu Silver Evolution

    • The price - from 4050 rbl.
    • Country of origin: Turkey.
    • Capacity - 63 A / h.
    • Current - 550 A.

    The price of this maintenance-free battery is too high, with average parameters. Testers rated this sample for a solid "grade".

    7. Bosch

    • The price is from 5200 rubles.
    • Country of origin: Germany.
    • Capacity - 63 A / h.
    • Current - 610 A.

    The car from the famous brand took the third place according to the declared current and the ninth in terms of "price and quality".This battery is calcium and, like its "colleagues", does not tolerate a strong discharge. If you empty it a couple of times, the capacity may drop three times.

    6. Titan Euro Silver

    • The price - from 4620 rbl.
    • Country of origin: Russia.
    • Capacity - 61 A / h.
    • Current - 620 A.

    One of the best batteries of 2016.He has a good, and most importantly confirmed, claimed current. In the cold, it showed itself a little worse than the batteries, which occupied numbers from 5 to 1, but in general testers were satisfied with it.

    5. Beast

    • The price is from 4150 rubles.
    • Country of origin: Russia.
    • Capacity - 60 A / h.
    • Current - 600 A.

    The name did not deceive. This battery is really a beast, powerful, unpretentious and withstanding heavy loads, whether it's a subwoofer, heated seats or rear window. I took the second place in the "price / quality" parameter, the third place in a single current and the fifth place in all tests.

    4. Tyumen Bear

    • Price - starting at 3700 rub.
    • Country of origin: Russia.
    • Capacity - 62 A / h.
    • Declared current - 560 A.

    Another excellent Russian model in the rating of batteries in 2017, ranked third in the ratio of price to quality. Among the advantages, in addition to the inexpensive price is also a long service life, as well as resistance to frost( in one of the reviews it was said that the car with "Medved" got wound up at 36 degrees below zero).Of the shortcomings, one of the users noted the self-discharge, and another - a bright design, as the intense-yellow square in place of the "standard" dark battery looks unusual.

    3. Exide Premium

    • The price is from 4150 rubles.
    • Country of origin: not specified.
    • Capacity - 64 A / h.
    • Current - 640 A.

    The largest claimed current and the second place in terms of resistance to frosts( second only to the winner of the battery rating of 2016 and 2017).In other tests, the Exide Premium battery was also among the leaders.

    2. Topla

    • The price is from 4550 rubles.
    • Country of origin: not specified.
    • Capacity - 66 A / h.
    • Current - 620 A.

    Almost all tests Topla passed to "silver", showing a slightly worse result in the cold minus 29 degrees. Heat up to plus 60 degrees, the battery is also not affected, as the manufacturer assures.

    1. Tyumen Battery Premium

    • The price is from 3930 rubles.
    • Country of origin: Russia.
    • Capacity - 64 Ah.
    • Current - 590 A.

    Excellent quality for a low price - it's about the winner of the battery hit parade. This battery is serviced, which allows you to monitor its performance and regulate it. With proper care, the battery will last up to 6-7 years. In tests "Behind the wheel" Tyumen Battery Premium showed the best results for all the criteria for selection. The only negative - it is not easy to find on sale, often only available on pre-order. Also, due to the popularity of this car goods, it is often counterfeited.