Top 3 main questions in choosing a car

Over time, each person is faced with the issue of choosing a car. The answer to this not an easy question depends on different circumstances and is deeply individual.

Today, the market offers the buyer a fairly large selection of machines.

When you come to a car dealership or to a car market, your eyes just will scatter in different directions: a lot of opportunities buy auto parts , accessories and the car itself. Therefore, before buying a vehicle, you need to answer a few questions. This will help determine the choice of the future transport, and you do not have to wander in search of the model you like, but it will be enough to consider only specific options, among the hundreds offered.

Determine the price.

One of the first important questions that you yourself will ask is "how much money are you willing to give?" Many answer this question on the basis of their average annual salary. And they do it right. That is, if a month you earn about thirty thousand rubles, respectively, the car should be searched within three hundred and sixty thousand. But it is necessary and take into account, how much will the operation of this model cost, fuel consumption, maintenance, insurance and so on. After all, the prices for parts, for example, on the auto parts Fiat Dukato , are far from small.

Choose the type of body.

After calculating your money, you need to decide on the type of body of the future car. This may depend on the nature of the area of ​​residence, the number of members of your family, the range of travel on this car. Depending on the answers to these questions, an approximate picture of your future car will begin. For example, if you live in a city and you need a car only for movement to and from work, it is better to choose a subcompact. If you have a large family with which you regularly go to the country, on nature, it is better to get a roomy minivan or station wagon.

Our or foreign car?

This trick question can not be ignored! Domestic cars are chosen for a variety of positive reasons. Domestic car is always closer to heart, it is easier to repair and maintain. It is not necessary to be a professional mechanic in order, for example, to replace oil or candles. The downside, of course, is the comfort and safety of the car. Tight interior, cheap decoration. With foreign cars in this regard, everything is different, reliable, comfortable, beautiful, with a bunch of different options. But think about whether this bundle of options is worth your nerves! The more in the car of all electronics, the more money is needed to repair these trifles. Although the quality of assembly of our car industry is several levels lower. Foreign cars are repaired much less often than domestic cars. The choice is yours!