Who is in the top?- Chevrolet Captiva vs Kia Sorento

Recently, the popular in the market of crossovers of the Chevrolet Captiva car has a new competitor in the face of the product of the Korean car industry called Kia Sorento. To understand what this car represents, we decided to compare these two models.

Chevrolet Captiva differs, first of all, in popularity and balance. As for the salon, it is pretty well trimmed, it is full of leather. The spaciousness also leaves only pleasant impressions, especially when you consider that you can install a third row of seats on this car.

Management is also uniquely pleased with its visibility, ergonomics and a sense of weight. The only negative feature is, perhaps, only that the chassis is experiencing difficulties in meeting with unevennesses, especially if the speed is low. This applies to the passage of railway crossings or speed bumps. Chevrolet Captiva is a typical road crossover. Forays into nature are possible, but involve many inconveniences. The American manufacturer offers you roominess and capacity.

As for Kia Sorento, its interior boasts spaciousness in passenger areas, a beautiful instrument panel and, in general, excellent finishing. Also in the eye rushes very successful arrangement and pleasant operation of handles and levers. On the asphalt, Sorento has no equal. This car is designed for the city, the only drawback is the excessive steering tightness in the parking mode.

The diesel engine and the automatic box are harmoniously combined. Discomfort is caused only by vibrations that appear at idle. In this case, the gas drive is characterized by high activity at the beginning of the stroke.

On the other hand, Sorento is absolutely contraindicated off-road. The course of the suspension on it is quite small, while the mode of blocking the transmission does not always help.

That is, Kia in this case is inferior to even such an asphalt car, like Chevrolet Captiva. Sorento is a machine for urban conditions.

Chevrolet Captiva is a crossover to the core. It is simple and well-equipped, comfortable and versatile enough. Its main advantages are in spaciousness, comfort and equal measure of fitness for urban and suburban conditions. The idea of ​​the same crossover Kia Sorento is that most of the SUVs move only through the city, that is, there is no sense in increasing their patency to the detriment of behavior on the asphalt and the cost.