Top 10 ways not to fall asleep while driving

Due to the fault of the sleeping drivers, hundreds of road accidents of different severity occur every year. Everyone knows that getting behind the wheel when your eyes are closed is deadly dangerous. And, nevertheless, at times circumstances develop so that it is necessary to go, no matter what.

For those who manage to drive in a state of extreme fatigue, we offer Top 10 ways to stay asleep while driving .


  • 10. Physical state change
  • 9. Concentration of attention
  • 8.Discounts
  • 7. Audio
  • 6. Songs
  • 5. Coffee
  • 4. Tonic beverages
  • 3. Energy tablets
  • 2. Food
  • 1. Electronic fatigue indicators

10. Changing the physical state of

A person becomes lively with any change in physical condition. There are various ways. For example, physical exercises - tension and relaxation of various muscles. You can wipe your face with a damp napkin, or better still wash with cold water. Some drivers are encouraged by active grinding of the ears or driving barefoot.

9. Concentration of attention

At the first signs of drowsiness you can cheer up, concentrating your attention. It is necessary to take the right posture by straightening the back of the seat and correctly positioning the arms on the handlebars. It is necessary to try to consciously perceive the traffic information, concentrating on it. You can also try to read signs, poles or identify brands of oncoming cars. Concentration on small details helps to reduce the monotony of traffic on the road.


One of the most simple, reliable and free of charge methods is communication with passengers. An interesting conversation like nothing else stimulates the brain. In addition, the interlocutor can notice in time the answers inappropriately and rastormoshit driver.

7. Audio

If you are traveling alone, you can listen to audio recordings. It can be both musical compositions, and audiobooks. Only you need to be sure that the recording is really invigorating. For example, classical music or monotonous reading of even the most fascinating detective, can have the opposite effect.

6. Songs

If simply listening to music does not help, then you can sing along. The louder, the better. This is explained quite simply: with loud singing, the lungs begin to work more actively, the flow of oxygen into the blood increases and the entire body wakes up. And remembering the melody and words, you additionally stimulate brain activity.

5. Coffee

Toning drinks, such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, are able to give vivacity. But their action is very individual. One half a cup of coffee is enough, and another one and a liter will not be enough. The duration of exposure is not very large and again, it depends on the individual, but on average the effect will last about two hours.

4. Tonic beverages

The action of most "power engineers" is also based on caffeine with the addition of various components: extract of guarana, taurine, various vitamins and acids. They act faster and more efficiently than natural adaptogens. However, it should be remembered that energy drinks are harmful to health, and eating more than 3 servings per day is highly undesirable.

3. Energy tablets

The principle of action and composition is about the same as that of power engineers. Unlike the latter, the pills do not take up much space in the glove box, and if necessary they can be quickly used. Also, if you know in advance about the upcoming workloads, you can drink a small amount of medications that improve brain activity in advance, following the instructions for admission.

2. Food

Many experienced truckers take on the road some minor snack - nuts, crackers, sunflower seeds, small sweets. Their use allows you to diversify a monotonous road, and additional tasks activate the activity of the organism as a whole. The most important thing is not to overeat;a full-time person falls asleep much faster than a hungry person.

1. Electronic Fatigue Alarms

Some modern cars are equipped with systems that, according to the sensors, can alert the driver of fatigue and offer a rest. If there is no such equipment in the car, you can buy a fatigue detector yourself. Such a device is similar to a Bluetooth headset. He follows the movements of the head, and if you start to fall asleep, it makes a sharp sound.