Rating of alarms with autostart and feedback for 2015

Modern security systems protect machines from hacking or hijacking and significantly increase the comfort of car owners. First of all, we are talking about such a useful option as automatic start of the engine.

A valuable feature of all alarms included in the rating is the availability of an information keyfob informing the driver about the status of a parked car, for example, about opening doors or triggering a shock sensor. In today's review included rating of alarms with autostart and feedback , which included models that received the best reviews of experts and real users.

5. Pantera SLK-868RS

  • 4. StarLine A91
  • 3. Scher-Khan LOGICAR 1
  • 2. Pantera SLK-675RS
  • 1. StarLine A94
  • 5. Pantera SLK-868RS

    Opens the top rating of the model with excellent stabilityto interference, which is especially important in the conditions of an electronically loaded metropolis. The BACS code provides protection against hacking. The system has a two-level impact sensor, a range of up to thousands of meters, a 4-button keychain, the Anti-Hi-Jack engine muffling mode.

    4. StarLine A91

    The car alarm rating for 2015 includes two StarLine models. This alarm is equipped with individual reliable encryption keys 128 bits, an innovative method of hopping frequencies. The special regime controls the absence of interference in a large city. The engine can be started according to the schedule specified by the car owner and remotely.

    3. Scher-Khan LOGICAR 1

    According to the results of the autorun alarm test, LOGICAR 1 guarantees reliable control of the vehicle from a distance of up to 1,500 meters. Auto-start the engine is possible remotely and at the specified time. The continuous block-stream encryption of the data packet being sent on the air provides protection from scanning. The key fob has passed the test for durability - it is resistant to falls, shocks, abrasion. Power is provided by one AAA battery.

    2. Pantera SLK-675RS

    The enhanced dynamic BACS code controls the protection of the signal from interception. The range of signaling with two-way communication is 2 thousand meters. The keychain allows you to track 7 security zones, get information about the temperature in the car and engine compartment, and autorun. The Anti-HiJack function allows you to muffle the motor in case of robbery of the car.

    1. StarLine A94

    The best signaling with the remote start is equipped with a non-scanable dialogue control code, 2CAN, GSM and GPS interface, a jam-resistant transceiver with 128 channels and a range of up to 2000 m, an impact-resistant control unit, a digital shock sensor. The system operates in the temperature range from -50 to +85 °, the battery charge lasts up to 60 days of operation in the guard mode.