Rating of winter stud tires 2016-2017 R14( + Test)

On the eve of the coming winter, Za Rulem magazine tested 18 sets of fourteen-inch tires. Considering the crisis realities, popular budget products costing from 1,770 to 3,960 rubles participated in the race. Winter test tests were conducted at the beginning of the year at a special range of AvtoVAZ, and the "spring" part - in early May on ordinary roads.


  • Winter tires test 2016-2017 R14
  • Winter tires rating 2016-2017( R14)
    • 10. Yokohama Ice Guard IG35
    • 9. Hankook Winter i * Pike RS W419
    • 8. Cordiant Snow Cross
    • 7. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser7000
    • 6. Gislaved NordFrost 100
    • 5. Nokian Nordman 5
    • 4. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8
    • 3. Continental ContiIceContact
    • 2. Pirelli Ice Zero
    • 1. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7

Winter tire test 2016-2017 R14

"Behind the Wheel" took into account only kits that traveled at least five hundred miles for studded and 300 km for studless tires. At the same drivers avoided sudden acceleration and braking, so that the rubber tightly wrapped the base of each spike. As a test car Lada Kalina performed with ABS.For testing studded rubber on the asphalt, the optimal weather conditions were selected - not higher than +5. .. + 7 ºС.For this, the testers "Behind the wheel" had to work at night.

Winter tire rating 2016-2017( R14)

The list is based on the popularity of models, the ratio of negative and positive feedback and of course, the cost.

10. Yokohama Ice Guard IG35

Average price - 2 398 rubles.

The rating of winter tires opens the tires Yokohama Ice Guard IG35: low noise, good course stability, predictable behavior of the car. Less: for the winter even with moderate driving can lose up to half of the thorns.

9. Hankook Winter i * Pike RS W419

The average price is 2 450 rubles.

Relatively versatile rubber, suitable for both snow and asphalt. The landing place of the spike is decorated in the form of a snowflake;although a trifle, but it's nice to be attentive to the design. However, on ice and rolled snow due to the small number of spikes and a small size is poorly accelerated and accordingly slows down.

8. Cordiant Snow Cross

Average price - 2 039 rub.

Rubber even in severe frost remains relatively soft, does not douche. These tires with aggressive tread pattern have proved themselves well both on snow and on ice. However, they were noisy for asphalt.

7. Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000

Average price - 2 605 rub.

Although in European countries, studs on tires can not be more than 1.2 mm( on new ones), this Japanese rubber spiked 2.3 mm. The more spikes, the better the ride on the ice, and also the less stopping distance. However, it is likely that soon Bridgestone tires will become less "prickly" - since early 2016 a new technical regulation has been adopted, according to which tires must comply with European standards.

6. Gislaved NordFrost 100

The average price is 2 650 rubles.

Excellent choice for urban conditions, but for extreme people or people living far from the city, rubber is hardly suitable - neither snow drifts, nor sudden acceleration / braking is not for these tires.

5. Nokian Nordman 5

Average price - 2 390 rubles.

Finns know a lot about snowy weather! In the rating of winter stud tires of 2016-2017, the whole three sets of tires from the Finnish manufacturer Nokian participate. Nordman 5 - soft, zagrebistye, confident feel on the ice crust and snowy slopes. And the price is not too big.

4. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

Average price - 4 630 rub.

One of the most expensive options in the rating, but the tires are worth it: they keep the road well, wear-resistant. In such conditions, even with icy conditions, the driver feels confident.

3. Continental ContiIceContact

Average price - 3 470 rub.

These tires are equally good at acceleration and braking, as well as at turns and show good results on ice, rolled snow, snow porridge and even with ice powdered ice. The car goes smoothly without skidding and confidently enters the turn. However, on pure asphalt the car requires more time for acceleration or braking.

2. Pirelli Ice Zero

The average price is 3 180 rubles.

Second place in the top of winter tires took Pirelli Ice Zero - with them, any car feels like an all-terrain vehicle. Rubber excellent row even on fresh loose snow, not buried, clinging to the ice. A perfect choice for country conditions with deep snow or winter trips over long distances. Even after a couple of years of use, almost all the spikes remain in place. But for a ride purely around the city it is worth thinking about other options.

1. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7

The average price is 3 220 rubles.

The best winter stud tires of 2016-2017 were among the most expensive. Rubber soft, relatively noiseless on the asphalt, has excellent tenacity and patency in all conditions. With an aggressive style of driving after the season, as a rule, almost all the spikes remain in place, there are no swellings, no cuts, no tears.