UAZ Patriot - the most capacious off-road vehicle according to the version of "Off Road Drive"

Magazine "Off Road Drive" - ​​one of the leaders of the Russian press, covering automotive topics. The staff of the publication regularly conducts all sorts of run-tests and tests, which differ in their objectivity and complete absence of indulgence to the products of the domestic auto industry. Due to this fact, "Off Road Drive" is very popular not only among Russian readers, but also among Russian-speaking residents of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

One of the most popular monthly headings - comparative tests of cars of one class of different brands. The purpose of such tests is to identify the most optimal car for operation in Russian conditions by the end of the year. The contestants were already assessed on ergonomics and comfort, off-road qualities, expeditionary qualities and cost-quality ratio.

June was no exception, and this month tests were carried out of several of the most popular SUVs( at a cost of no more than 1.2 million rubles) at the capacity of the luggage compartment. The results were quite predictable - in this "nomination" the confident winner was the UAZ Patriot.

In many cases, the capacity of the trunk does not play a special role when choosing a car buyer, and the phrase of the dealer offering to buy a loan UAZ - "but which car trunk" - only causes irritation. But for those who need an off-road vehicle for transport functions, capacity remains the first-class characteristic. It is important both in travels and in expeditions to places where the road network is in a deplorable state or is completely absent.

A separate question concerns how to actually measure the capacity of the luggage compartment. The methodology of expert representatives of different manufacturers differs drastically - either the volume is measured "up to the ceiling" or to the lower window edges. The most common in Russia is the latest technique, but in this comparison it does not matter, since UAZ Patriot confidently wins anyway. Its useful volume reached 720 liters, which is almost two hundred units more than the nearest competitor in this characteristic - SsangYong Kyron.

It is interesting to note that the excellent characteristics of trucking absolutely do not affect the comfort of passengers in the cabin. This was achieved thanks to the successful arrangement of the machine as a whole.