Rating of tint film for cars

Tint film provides protection from the sun, keeps cool in the cabin of the car, increases privacy, protects the glass from scratches. For those who decide which tint to choose, we offer a rating of a tint film for auto .

The Top-5 includes manufacturers offering a wide range of quality coatings. All represented brands have service centers in Russia, in which the installation is made by professionals, ensuring the implementation of all the declared qualities of toning.

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  • 5. 3M
  • 4. Johnson
  • 3. Sun Control
  • 2. SunTeK
  • 1. LLumar

5. 3M

The company has been producing toning since 1966.In the range there is an athermal film corresponding to GOST, reflecting up to 97% of ultraviolet radiation and up to 60% of thermal energy. Athermal film can be glued not only on the side, but even on the windshield.

The brand offers tinting of varying degrees of shading with the effect of metallization and without economical to high-tech.

4. Johnson

In , the rating of the tint films includes two American manufacturers. Johnson films are manufactured in the US, they absorb up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation, create an anti-glare effect, increase comfort and safety of driving, increase the strength of the glass. Installation takes 1-2 hours.

3. Sun Control

The owner of the brand is the Indian company Garware Polyester ltd. The level of heat absorption by Sun Control films reaches 80%.

With high quality coating films are not very expensive. In a wide range you can choose films of varying degrees of shading, including matte. All types of tinting are combined into three series - deeply colored without metal sputtering, deeply painted with metallic sputtering and gradient.

2. SunTeK

The brand belongs to the American company Commonwealth Laminating &Coating, Inc. In addition to automobile SunTeK produces films for window tinting in residential and office buildings. Produced film on advanced equipment in the US.

The specialty of SunTeK films is a higher degree of adhesion in comparison with other brands, which ensures a long service life.

1. LLumar

The rating of manufacturers of tint films is the world's largest manufacturer. LLumar provides high quality control of products and a wide range of different types of coatings - metallized, laminated, anti-adhesive, etc. The best tinting of the is durable and does not lose its properties over time, especially if the installation is made by a professional.