The cheapest cars of 2016 in Russia

Experts of the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" in the midst of the crisis decided to make life easier for Russian motorists or those who only plan to become them, calling the cheapest cars of the year 2016 .

10. Renault Sandero

  • 9. FAW V5
  • 8. Chery Bonus
  • 7. Geely GC6
  • 6. Lada Priora
  • 5. Lada Granta
  • 4. Lifan Celliya
  • 3. Lifan Smily New
  • 2. Lifan Smily
  • 1. Ravon / Daewoo Matiz
  • 10. Renault Sandero

    The minimal equipment: 399 thousand rubles.

    The list of the cheapest cars in Russia in 2016 begins Renault Sandero - a compact hatchback with a 1.2 liter engine capacity of 82 liters.from. Especially for Russian conditions, the car has a reliable suspension and increased ground clearance.

    9. FAW V5

    Minimum configuration: 398.7 thousand rubles.

    The compact sedan of the Chinese automobile company compares favorably with its Chinese relatives by quiet engine operation and good visibility, but has common drawbacks with them - first of all, the poor sound insulation of the body. The volume of the engine is 1.5 liters, 102 hp.and a small( 5.6 L) amount of fuel consumed in a mixed cycle.

    8. Chery Bonus

    Minimum configuration: 389 thousand rubles.

    Another Chinese automotive company received a residence permit in the Russian market. The engine capacity of 1.5 liters, capacity of 109 liters.s., Gearbox mechanical, fuel consumption of 6.2 on the highway and 9.3 in the city, and in addition, one of the most capacious in the class of budget cars, a trunk with a capacity of 508 liters.

    7. Geely GC6

    Minimum configuration: 389 thousand rubles.

    The machine is manufactured by Geely Auto, one of the ten largest auto manufacturers in China. Body type - sedan, four-cylinder engine( 1.5 liters) with a capacity of 94 liters.with a five-speed manual transmission, fuel consumption of 6.3 liters in the suburbs and 7.8 in the city( one hundred kilometers).The basic equipment is rich, it has air conditioning, an on-board computer and a multimedia system.

    6. Lada Priora

    Ultradeshevaya configuration: 389 thousand rubles.

    Despite the crisis, the price of the car went down by 50 thousand rubles. Alas, according to forecasts of experts of the automobile market, even a small price will not allow Priory to catch up with the sales of a more modern and new Grant.

    5. Lada Granta

    Minimum price: 383.9 thousand rubles

    Compared to 2015, the price of this four-door sedan increased by 15 thousand rudders. A modification with the body liftback even lost its place in the top ten most inexpensive cars - now it costs( in minimum configuration) 404.2 thousand rubles. The volume of the engine - 1.6 liters, power - 87 liters.with., and the consumption of gasoline - 5.8 liters outside the city and 9 in the city( per 100 km).

    4. Lifan Celliya

    The minimal equipment: 364,9 thousand rubles.

    One of the models of cars produced by the Chinese engineering company Lifan - Lifan Celliya with a sedan body. The volume of the engine is 1.5 liters, 103 liters.from.under the hood, a rather high ground clearance of 155 mm is excellent for Russian conditions. Outside the city, petrol consumption is 4.5 liters, in the city - 9.3.

    3. Lifan Smily New

    The minimal equipment: 364,9 thousand rubles.

    The new and updated version of the Lifan Smily, which has become popular on the Russian market, is distinguished by a more aggressive design with a sporty note and slightly increased maximum speed.

    2. Lifan Smily

    The minimal equipment: 320 thousand rubles.

    Rating of the cheapest cars in Russia continues the next car of the Chinese company Lifan. This time it's Lifan Smily - a five-door hatchback, stylized as a Mini Cooper. This compact car is designed specifically for urban conditions - from small dimensions, fuel economy to a moderately soft suspension, which allows the car to move easily and safely in a busy urban traffic.

    1. Ravon / Daewoo Matiz

    The minimum equipment: 314 thousand rubles.

    For the third time this inexpensive and economical car takes the honorary first place in the rating of budget machines .Four-cylinder petrol engine in volume of 1 liter.(63 hp), a mechanical five-speed gearbox, and consumption of 7.4 liters per hundred kilometers on the roads of megacities and 5.4 liters outside the city represent the most attractive combination of price and quality fillings. The minimum package includes such nice and necessary things as heating the rear window, fog lights and even a car radio - and all this is relatively inexpensive!