The most stolen cars in Russia

On average, about 60,000 cars are stolen every year across Russia. And, the attackers clearly have their favorite models. These are either brands of cars that are easier to sell, or those that are traditionally easy enough to crack.

Today we offer all Top-10, which included the most stolen cars of in 2015.The list was compiled according to the data of the agency "Autostat Info".Statistics included only those cars that were not found in the first day after the theft.


  • 10. Honda
  • 9. Mitsubishi
  • 8. Hyundai
  • 7. Kia
  • 6. 5. Ford
  • Renault
  • 4. Nissan
  • Mazda
  • 3. 2. 1. Toyota
  • Lada

10. Honda

most attractivefor the hijackers model from Honda - it's CR-V and Civic. Both cars are in demand in the secondary market, which facilitates the resale of stolen cars for intruders.

9. Mitsubishi

The most stolen brand in the Mitsubishi lineup was Lancer. Despite the efforts of manufacturers to protect the car as much as possible, Japanese cars are traditionally popular among hijackers, because such "extraction" brings them the maximum profit.

8. Hyundai

The greatest chance to become a victim of a hijacker from owners of Hyundai Solaris. Only for 2 months of 2015 in more cities of Russia more than hundreds of these popular cars were stolen.

7. Kia

Among all models of Korean brand hijackers attracted by the popular and affordable Kia Rio. In January-February, 105 cars of this brand were stolen in the country.

6. Ford

Naturally, more often than other models from Ford hijackers choose Focus. Partly this is due to the prevalence of cars, in part - with the comparative ease of selling this "people's" car.

5. Renault

Among the most stolen cars are listed at once 3 models of Renault. Hijackers choose Duster, Sandero and Logan. Moreover, the latter is very popular.

4. Nissan

Among all owners of Nissan cars, the owners of the prestigious Nissan Teana are more at risk than others. In pursuit of the profit of desperate attackers, it does not stop the fact that such machines are usually equipped with reliable signaling.

3. Mazda

The Mazda3 has a special love for hijackers. In a month, about 70 cars of this brand are stolen. Among the most stolen is also listed Mazda6, but it is hijacked 2 times less.

2. Toyota

In the model range, Toyota has several models at once, which very much attract hunters for expensive cars. The most stolen are Land Cruiser, RAV4, Land Cruiser 200, Camry and Corolla.

1. Lada

The rating of the most stolen cars in Russia is the domestic Lada. The most stolen model was the VAZ-2106.The popularity of cars among hijackers is easy to explain - the simplicity of construction and weak protection from breaking make the car extremely attractive.