Top 5 most large families of our time

The large family in our country is the family in which three or more children. According to statistics, today only 2.6% of Russian families are large families, and in the world not so many couples give birth to more than 2-3 kids.

But the most large family in history numbered 69 children. This is how much the wife of the peasant Fedor Vasiliev, who lived in the Russian city of Shuya in the 18th century, gave birth.

Of course, many more children in one family are born in those countries where polygamy is allowed. But in our today's collection only traditional monogamous couples are represented.

Families from Russia, Ukraine and the USA in Top-5 most large families of modernity .


  • 5. Hope and Ivan Osyaki
  • 4. Henry Wilson and Anna Josephine Crocker
  • 3. Alexander and Elena Shishkin
  • 2. Jim Bob and Michel Daggar
  • 1. Leonora and Janos Namedi

5. Nadezhda and Ivan Osjaki

In 2009, the ninth child was born in the family of Osyakov. In the same year, the family was invited to the Kremlin to present the Order of Parental Glory. And for today, Ivan and Hope have five grandchildren.

Osyaki live in Rostov-on-Don, both spouses come from Orthodox families with many children.

4. Henry Wilson and Anna Josephine Crocker

This American couple has 19 children. They decided to become parents with many children at the beginning of a life together, but, of course, they could not imagine what outstanding results were achieved in the end, planning to have three kids.

And now parents raise 10 girls and 9 boys.

3. Alexander and Elena Shishkins

The Shishkin family from the Voronezh region has 20 native children - 11 daughters and 9 sons. The parents managed to deliver such a record, despite the fact that in her youth, doctors predicted Elena's problems with childbearing because of a negative Rh factor.

The eldest son this year will turn 37 years old, the youngest daughter - 12 years old.

Shishkin has already 23 grandsons and a spacious country house, which was built by the whole large family.

2. Jim Bob and Michel Daggar

The largest family in the US has 19 children. It is noteworthy that all children have names beginning with the letter J. Spouses Daggar - supporters of home education, they do not resort to the services of kindergartens and live outside the city.

On one of the American television channels the family was dedicated to the series of programs "19 Kids and Counting".

1. Leonora and Janos Nasimi

Ukrainian spouses Nanaima himself from large families - Janos has 16 brothers and sisters, and his wife Leonora - 14. In 2013, Leonora gave birth to the twenty-first child and now the parents have 10 girls and 11 boys.

The Namye family lives in a small two-storey house on the outskirts of a village in the Chernivtsi region.

Older children have already given parents eight grandchildren.