The most reliable car brands in 2016, rating J.D.Power

Every year, analysts of the European company J.D.Power conduct research which car brands are the most reliable and most like their owners. Iron horses are evaluated for a variety of parameters, including appearance, performance, number of failures, maintenance costs and operating costs. Then the received data are evaluated by a special algorithm and, depending on the results, the companies-producers take their place in the rating.

The updated list of the most reliable cars of 2017 is published. In the rating J.D.Power included brands with the least number of failures per 100 cars.


  • 10. Kia
  • 8-9.Mazda and Mersedes-Benz
  • 7. Hyundai
  • 6. Nissan
  • 5. Seat
  • 4. Volvo
  • 3. Skoda
  • 2. Peugeot
  • 1. Mitsubishi

10. Kia

Opens a list of the most trusted brands of cars Kia Motors - South Korean carmaker, which is part of the Hyundai Motor Group. Customers first of all note the reliability of cars - one of the brand cars, Kia Sportage, has the lowest number of failures per 100 cars.

8-9.Mazda and Mersedes-Benz

two carmakers scored the same number of points in the ranking - by 115. This Japanese Mazda and symbolic for many people in Russia, the company Mersedes-Benz, took 6th place in the ranking of 10 TÜV Report 2016 the most reliable cars in the age of 23 years.

7. Hyundai

Hyndai Motor Company takes the fourth place in the world in terms of the number of cars produced. An interesting detail - between production and assembly shops in Korea, the company's management has placed living corners, aviaries with a variety of animals, where employees can relax their soul. It seems that this allows to increase labor productivity and produce high-quality cars that the owners like.customer satisfaction index of Hyundai cars is 108.

6. Nissan

One of the world's largest car manufacturers have long ceased to be a purely Japanese - 43% of the shares of the companies by Renault. The Nissan brand produces a variety of car models that have received a good customer rating - the satisfaction index is 105.

5. Seat

This Spanish auto company along with Audi and Skoda is part of the mega-concern of the Volkswagen Group. She owns the models Ateca, Alhambra, Ibiza, Leon and Toledo. Alas, the post-Soviet buyer has few chances to get these cars first-hand - in 2015, due to the difficult economic situation in the country, Seat decided to stop supplying cars to Russia. European motorists assess the quality and comfort of cars Seat high enough index to 99.

4. Volvo

Volvo Cars have long ceased to be Swedish - in 2010 the company was sold to the Chinese holding company Geely Automobile. The main production facilities were still in Europe, specifically in Sweden and Belgium, but now China was added to them, where they began to produce engines. The main emphasis in advertising the company makes on security, both active and passive. Motorists generally positive view of the index of cars 96.

3. Skoda

In third place in the ranking of trusted brands of cars are Skoda - another company belonging to the Volkswagen AG group. Among the company's models popular in the Russian market are Felicia, Octavia, Fabia and Skoda Superb. Buyers good estimate Skoda cars: Customer Satisfaction Index is 95.

2. Peugeot

PSA Peugeot Citroen, which is part of Peugeot, owns 18.8% in Europe, the car dealer market. The company cares about the environment and is the leader in the production of cars with low exhaust emissions. The recent development of the company is an electric car that will travel up to 130 km without requiring a recharge. Repeatedly the company's models received the honorary title of "The Car of the Year of Europe".Not surprisingly, buyers are generally satisfied with the quality of the company's work - the satisfaction index is 92.

1. Mitsubishi

The company that produces the most reliable and popular brands of cars, becomes Mitsubishi with the highest satisfaction rating for 100 people - 77. Among the company's models are such well-known car enthusiasts as Outlander, Pajero Sport, Lancer. It is interesting, what influence on the further destiny of the company will be rendered by that fact, that 34% of its actions since March, 2016 began to belong to other large manufacturer of cars from Japan - Nissan.