Top 8 Tips for Changing Seat Covers in a Car

Any car owner who cares about himself and his car cares about his seats, protecting them with covers. This helps not only to increase the service life, but also emphasizes the style of the entire car. It is easier to clean the cover than to change the lining. You can put on the covers with the help of specialists in the cabin, or you can change them yourself.

Your actions or how to seat covers for yourself:

1. Select according to the parameters of your car.

2. Remove the accessories from the package and make sure they are fully equipped. The standard equipment includes: front( 2 ed.), For headrests, a cape for the passenger seat fixing fasteners in the form of hooks. Put everything in the order you want to wear.

3. Slide the front seats to the front forwards, pull the head restraints and remove it from the seat. Then put a cover on the seat and carefully stretch the fabric and straighten the crease. Tighten the special rubber bands that are on the edge of the case, and connect them using the fastening hooks.

4. Cover the removed headrest and straighten the fabric. Replace the head restraint.

5. Visually inspect the headrests and correct what you do not like. Some models have a feature: the rear part is smaller than the front one. In order to fix this - fold the side surfaces together, while defining the front and back.

6. Next, go to the rear passenger seats. Remove the seats by applying effort, pull up the sofa and the fasteners will be unfastened. Then you need to pull out the rubber bands and put the cover on the part. After it is necessary to attach the elastic bands with special hooks.

7. Head restraints, previously removed from the rear seat, also cover by analogy with the front. Backrest tilt all the way to the side of the interior, then you need to put on the cover and secure it well. After all operations, return the backrest to its original position and replace the head restraints. Remove the removed seat.

8. You've done it!

Sometimes it's hard to cope with this, at first glance, an easy task, so the help of specialists will be just the way. If you have a lot of time and good nerves, you can try, but if you are not sure of your abilities, think. If you buy ready-made sets of cases, then they are mostly accompanied by an instruction. If the car covers are sewn to order, then you can easily put them on.