Rating of the best car DVR in 2012

To date, almost none of the drivers have any doubts that car DVRs are a very useful thing in every car. Quite often it is the video recorded by the registrar that allows us to identify the perpetrator of the traffic accident, since otherwise it can be very difficult to prove the truth. Any of the car DVRs shoots video in sufficient resolution to clearly see the traffic situation at the time of the accident. For all who are interested in such devices, we present the rating of the best car DVRs of 2012 .

Naturally, the application of these devices allows you not only to prove your own testimony in court, but also to register curious situations, often occurring on the road. Agree, because many of us had to see on the web fascinating videos that were filmed on the recorder.

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  • 1 place TeXet DVR-1GP
  • 2nd place DOD F900LHD
  • 3rd place DOD F880LHD
  • 4th place MioMiVue 238
  • 5th place Neoline Mobile-i Full HD

1 place TeXet DVR-1GP

The leader in our rating of car recorders turned out to be a device from TeXet. He demonstrated the best set of characteristics and, equally importantly, the excellent quality of the recorded video. The model has the support of technology TTFF( provides fast positioning, even at too low signal level).In addition, there is a whole set of sensors: shock, acceleration, braking and accelerometer. With their use, you can always be sure of fixing the necessary moments in motion. This DVR can be the best gift for the New Year 2013.

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2 place DOD F900LHD

The second place in the rating of car DVRs was the model from the same manufacturer DOD, specializing in the production of car DVRs. It is possible to automatically turn on the recording when the engine starts, or by manually pressing a button. The footage can be watched even during recording, which is performed with sound and in excellent quality. The camera can be fully deployed to photograph the situation in the car's interior.

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3rd place DOD F880LHD

The younger model from the same line as the previous one, occupies a strong third place in our rating. Has all the above benefits, except, perhaps, the ability to rotate the camera by 180 degrees. This brand is characterized by excellent build quality, high functionality and durability.

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4 place Mio MiVue 238

The DVR is located on the fourth position of the rating. It is worth noting that outwardly it looks quite like a digital soap box. He will give his owner the opportunity to shoot the situation on the road in absolutely any conditions. The video is recorded exclusively in high resolution, and in addition to the usual functions there is a G-Shock shock sensor, as well as an intelligent mode for determining the time of day. Characteristic for him and a fairly wide viewing angle( about 120 degrees).

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5th place Neoline Mobile-i Full HD

The device from Neoline Mobile keeps the fifth place in the rating of the most popular of the DVRs in 2012.This is a kind of symbiosis, combining technology and design: simple forms and intricate technological solutions. Built-in camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels allows you to record video in excellent quality( 1920х1080 Full HD).The exterior is distinguished by a magnificent metal case and stylish buttons.

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In compiling our rating of the best car DVRs in 2012, we were guided by reviews and estimates of many customers on the Yandex Market service.