Rating of anti-gravel polyurethane films

The body of the machine during the movement is constantly exposed to pebbles, gravel and dirt, flying out from under the front wheels or from under the wheels of the car ahead. In addition, it can scratch the branches of trees on a narrow country road, damage a careless rush to the curb or shoddy neighbor's boys. To protect the body from damage is the so-called anti-gravel film. It is made of polyurethane or vinyl. And when buying inevitably the question arises: which anti-gravel film for auto is better?

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The price of polyurethane film is higher than vinyl, but it is better to take it for several reasons:

  • does not break even if a sharp object gets into it;
  • does not tarnish and does not turn yellow with time;
  • perfectly stretches;
  • it is easy to wash and polish;
  • transmits ultraviolet, so the film-pasted places after its removal do not differ in color from the color of other parts;
  • retains its protective properties even at low temperatures.

We present you the rating of anti-gravel films that will protect the body of the "iron horse" from minor damage and scratches.

5. Hexis Bodyfence

  • 4. 3M Scotchgard Pro Series
  • 3. Premium Shield Elite
  • 2. 3M Venture Shield
  • 1. Suntek PPF
  • 5. Hexis Bodyfence

    The price per running meter is from 3000 rubles.and higher.

    Thickness - 150 microns.

    Very strong, transparent film with self-healing function, which will last from six to eight years. It is able to withstand the following conditions:

    • point impacts;
    • to gasoline stains;
    • bends;
    • abrasive action of mechanical brushes during washing.

    The surface of this film is slippery, with the effect of hydrophobic. The material is covered with acrylic adhesive, which is activated by pressure.

    4. 3M Scotchgard Pro Series

    The price for a cut is from 1970 rubles.

    Thickness - 0,374 mm.

    This ultra-transparent film with virtually no shaking. It is coated with an improved glue, which allows to reduce the initial adhesion and increase the final adhesion.

    The 3M Scotchgard Pro Series film is officially licensed for use in the NASCAR racing series. It is able to protect the car at speeds up to 300 km / h. It retains its properties for at least 5 years.

    3. Premium Shield Elite

    Price per running meter - from 1300 rubles.

    Thickness - 220 microns.

    Glossy anti-glare film of American production. It has an additional layer of topcoat, which prevents yellowing of the film and is resistant to acids, abrasive materials and external solvents.

    Guaranteed service life - 5 years.

    2. 3M Venture Shield

    The cost per meter is from 1860 rubles.

    Thickness - 215 microns.

    The second place in the rating of anti-gravel polyurethane films is an extremely sturdy model, almost invisible after application to the bodywork. An additional glossy layer with a soft gloss gives the car a look as if it had just been painted.

    1. Suntek PPF

    The cost per meter is from 2200 rubles.

    Thickness - from 150 to 203 microns.

    The most popular anti-glare film, which is easy to find on sale. She is not afraid of bird droppings, gasoline, salt, insects and many solvents. The film is self-renewing, that is, with the help of warm water or solar heat, small scratches can be removed from it.

    The manufacturer gives a five-year warranty on the film.

    Is it worth it to buy anti-gravel film at all? After all, you will have to pay not only for it, but also for the work on gluing( unless, of course, you decide to glue it yourself).If you often travel by car, and( or) drive with great speed, then anti-gravel film is definitely the right purchase. It will save you both nerves and money, which could go to the primer and paint chips and scratches.