Rating of tint films for cars 2017, best toning

Many car owners immediately after buying a car think about what kind of tint film for it to buy. In Russia, any autoglass can be toned if the light transmission exceeds 70%.Otherwise, only the rear window, the rear side windows and the transparent colored film can be toned on the top of the windshield.

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Film for toning cars has many advantages.

  • Provides light absorption( not only of sunlight, but also of headlights), which reduces driver fatigue and the likelihood of its dazzling during the day and in the evening.
  • Prevents heating and cooling of the passenger compartment.
  • Will protect the driver and passengers from splinters of glass falling into the interior in the event of an accident.
  • Correctly matched to the color of the film will give the car a more attractive look.
  • Do not let you see what's happening inside the car's interior, thereby providing privacy. In this case, the film does not interfere with the inspection from the inside of the machine.
  • Tinting protects the interior of the car from the negative effects of ultraviolet light, and retains its aesthetic appearance longer.

We present the rating of tint films for cars.


5. SunControl

  • 4. Sun tek
  • 3. Global
  • 2. Armolan
  • 1. Llumar
  • 5. SunControl

    The average price is 586 rubles per running meter.

    One of the best tint films for cars in the economy segment is produced by the Indian company GarwarePolyesterLimited. A lot of positive reviews for strength and durability deserve the metallized films of the SunControl HP series and evenly colored NR series films, with a large selection of shades and ultraviolet protection up to 99%.They do not scratch at washing, and do not concede to production of other firms on светостойкости, mechanical durability and adhesion of glue to glass.

    Of the cons: SunControl has a reputation for budgetary film.

    4. Sun tek

    The average price is 650 rubles per running meter.

    The American manufacturer CommonwealthLaminating & Coating, Inc.produces excellent films that are thinner and softer than products from other companies. Fading occurs evenly and after at least five years. The most affordable is the Standart series in various shades of gray. Its light transmission is from 8 to 50%.More expensive option - metallized film HighPerformanceCharcoal. And for those who are looking for the best heat-reflective properties, a series of Spectra films is designed.

    Disadvantage: very strong adhesion of the adhesive layer to the glass, which can make it difficult to remove the film from the glass.

    3. Global

    The average price is 700 rubles per running meter.

    Previously, the Global Window Films brand was intended exclusively for the US and Canadian markets, but eventually came to Europe and Russia. The film is produced at the enterprise with a full closed cycle, which reduces the time and costs for the production and delivery of raw materials.

    Advantages of the films: color stability, the presence of a protective layer that protects against scratches, durability and resistance to fading, good heat-reflecting properties.

    Cons: brand is not too famous in Russia.

    2. Armolan

    The average price per running meter is 300 rubles.

    The cheapest film in the rating of tint films for cars in 2017.But despite the price the quality of the film is at a high level. It is produced in the USA, has a wide range of shades and has excellent protection from UV rays, good one-sided visibility, reliable protection against damage. It is optimal in terms of price and quality. Here only elite Armolan thermal film cost too much and it is hard to find it on sale.

    1. Llumar

    The price per running meter is 2200 rubles.

    The best film for automotive tinting is manufactured in the US and is included in the top segment both in price and manufacturing quality. There are several series of Llumar:

    • AT - evenly colored.
    • ATR - metallized( with a high coefficient of light reflection).
    • ATN - with a "color-metal-color" structure, which prevents the effect of internal reflection.
    • ATT - with a light transmission level of 15 to 68%.
    • PP - with direct magnetron sputtering for optimal reflection of thermal radiation.
    • AIR - very thin, not delaying light. .

    Llumar film, although expensive, but does not burn out for at least 5 years and will last a very long time. Because of frequent forgery, it is recommended to take it only in a trusted online store or an authorized representative in Russia.