Rating of the best manufacturers of car radio tape recorders

Every car enthusiast wants to listen in his car only the best sound. Therefore, you always want to choose a car radio in your car only from the best manufacturer, because not only the quality of your favorite music depends on the source of the audio signal,( ie car radio), but also the convenience of daily operation.

Despite the fact that car radio from the most famous and popular brands have a good sound by definition, it is not superfluous to find out before buying what they differ. To this end, we have compiled the rating of manufacturers of car radio , based on feedback from motorists. It included the five most popular brands that represent auto sound in the domestic market.


  • 5. Prology
  • 4. JVC
  • 3. Kenwood
  • 2. SONY
  • 1. Pioneer

5. Prology

In Russia this brand celebrates its 15th anniversary. The products of the company differ from other companies only in the automotive direction. Today Prology is one of the leaders in the Russian market of Car Audio and Multimedia. The lineup of radio receivers is distinguished by modern and stylish design, and most importantly by the high quality of equipment available to most users. In addition to DVD /CD/ MP3-receivers and multimedia centers, incl.with support for navigation, the company presents a wide range of automotive media peripherals( ceiling and recessed LCD monitors, TVs with various screen sizes, TV tuners, antennas and a variety of accessories).Reliable technology is specially adapted for Russian roads and difficult operating conditions.

4. JVC

The Japanese company is one of the most authoritative manufacturers of auto electronics, and for years of intensive work has accumulated enough experience to create truly high-quality products. Today, the car stereo line is presented as a classic model with a CD player and digital tuner, as well as complex systems of multi-channel sound, which may include even a smartphone. The best car radio in terms of price / quality ratio from JVC are presented in the middle price segment. The most advanced models of DVD /CD/ USB-receivers are equipped with widescreen touch displays with a diagonal of 6 or 7 inches and the possibility of using the technology of Bluetooth®.

3. Kenwood

The company from Japan, founded in 1946, from the beginning of its founding has occupied one of the leading places in the world market of communication and audio equipment due to the stylish design of products, applied innovative technologies and thoughtful marketing. The company's concept stands on three whales - quality, innovation and manufacturability. Among car audio systems Kenwood presents multimedia receivers( including navigation), CD-receivers 2-DIN, as well as a full range of related accessories.


This company is known to everyone, and the slogan "It's a SONY" has been a sign of guarantee of standard quality for many decades, including.and in auto sound. Honored love of Russians and the title "the most popular car radio" the company was able to conquer the 90s of the last century with its high-tech( and then still - cassette) models. Today, the company's portfolio includes a wide range of automotive entertainment systems with ultramodern stuffing. A nice bonus of this technique is support for iPod / iPhone as a source of high-quality sound.

1. Pioneer

And the title " the best car receiver " deservedly gets the Pioneer brand, the main direction of production is high-end automotive electronics, as well as its sound component. The most functional models of car radio are equipped with widescreen touch screens with a diagonal of up to 7 inches. Their capabilities make it possible not only to listen to Hi-Fi-quality music, but also to arrange a small cinema, the screen of which is small though it has powerful support in the form of high-quality multi-channel sound.