10 best alarms with autorun, rating 2017

Car alarm is the first( and often the only) line of defense between a criminal and someone else's "iron horse".And that motorists slept peacefully at night and were sure of the inviolability of their car, we suggest choosing one of the best alarms with the autostart of 2017 .The rating is based on the popularity of car alarms on Yandex. Market.

Table of contents:

  • 10. Pandora LX 3030
  • 9. StarLine D95 GSM / GPS
  • 7. StarLine A95 BT 2CAN + LIN GSM
  • 6. StarLine A63 ECO
  • 5. Pandora DX 90L

    4.StarLine A93

  • 3. StarLine A93 ECO
  • 2. Pandora DX 50L
  • 1. Scher-Khan Magicar 14
    • Starline - comparison of alarm models
    • Pandora - comparison of alarm models

10. Pandora LX 3030

The average price is 9,972 rubles.

Opens the list of car alarms is easy to configure and very functional model. It is equipped with a feedback function, a LIN-module for easy installation, miniUSB-connector and GSM.Another advantage of this model is a very low level of energy consumption.

Disadvantage: there are not all stores, as the LX 3030 system is discontinued.

9. Cenmax Vigilant ST-5A

The average price is 4 040 rubles.

The cheapest alarm system, but with a rich set of features. Among them:

  • feedback function;
  • turbo timer - supports the turbocharged engine at idle from 1 to 3 minutes;
  • Vibration alert;
  • Anti-Hi-Jack - a feature that prevents violent hijacking by blocking the engine of the car in stages while driving;
  • and, of course, autostart engine.

From the minuses of this signaling can be noted a very fragile body, so do not put the key chain in your pocket with the keys. Also, when you separate the remote and the unit, they start looking for each other, and do it very energy-intensive.

8. StarLine D95 GSM / GPS

The average price is 25,900 rubles.

For its high price the alarm will work out in full. It has the most advanced features:

  • non-scanned dialog code;
  • free monitoring of GPS-GLONASS;
  • integrated CAN + LIN modules;
  • is an interference-proof transceiver with a noise-like signal;
  • GSM-interface.

The range of the keychain is 2000 meters.

The disadvantage is one: this is the most expensive car alarm in our top-10.

7. StarLine A95 BT 2CAN + LIN GSM

Cost, on the average - 18 900 rub.

Excellent car security and quality of safety. From the possibilities:

  • start on engine temperature;
  • Anti-Hi-Jack;
  • turbo timer;
  • Vibration Alert;
  • operating range of 2000 meters;
  • telematics options GSM-GPRS and GPS-GLONASS, allowing you to quickly get information about the location of the car;
  • CAN and LIN modules.

Another important feature of this model is work in a wide range of temperatures - from minus 50 to plus 85 degrees.

6. StarLine A63 ECO

The average price is 5 600 rubles.

One of the cheapest alarms with autostart. Thanks to this, as well as excellent functionality, this model is very popular with owners of inexpensive cars. Here's what the A63 ECO can offer: the

  • feedback function;
  • GSM;
  • start by temperature;
  • turbo timer;
  • CAN and LIN modules;
  • GPS( optional);
  • range of 2,000 meters.

Despite the abundance of combinations of buttons to understand the possibilities of signaling is not difficult. In addition, its installation is inexpensive - about 4000 rubles.

The model with the prefix "ECO" does not include an additional key fob. This allowed to reduce the cost of signaling.

5. Pandora DX 90L

It is offered, on the average, for 10 490 rbl.

Among the advantages of this model:

  • turbo timer;
  • GSM;
  • start by temperature;
  • range of 2000 meters;
  • Slave mode( standard auto key);
  • CAN interface

The main disadvantages of the device are the high price and lack of GSM and GPS / GLONASS support.

4. StarLine A93

Average price - 9700 rub.

This model from our rating of car alarms can hardly be called budgetary. However, its price is compensated:

  • with an unscanned dialog control code;
  • turbo timer;
  • GSM( optional);
  • start by temperature;
  • support for the CAN + LIN module for easier and faster alarm setup;
  • GPS-GLONASS monitoring( optional).

The alarm range is up to 2000 meters.

Cons: very flimsy keychain, CAN adapter and GSM modules, GPS will have to be bought separately.

3. StarLine A93 ECO

The price, on the average - 7 450 rubles.

Another representative of Starline in the rating of signaling with feedback in 2017.From his colleague without the prefix ECO( economy-variant), this system is distinguished by the lack of an additional key fob. In other respects these are identical models.

2. Pandora DX 50L

Sold in stores, on average, for 8 712 rubles.

One of the best price-quality ratio signaling with traditional for modern models:

  • range of 2000 meters;
  • turbo timer;
  • feedback function;
  • engine start by temperature;
  • GSM;
  • mini-USB interface;
  • Presence of a preheating heater control module;
  • availability of the CAN module;
  • presence of the LIN-module.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the lack of a GPS-receiver and GLONASS.

1. Scher-Khan Magicar 14

The average cost is 16,000 rubles.

Champion in range of action( 3000 meters) in the rating of the best alarms on the car in 2017.Perfect for modern cars thanks to the multi-level protection, the presence of an intelligent turbo timer and the SLAVE mode, which allows using the standard keyfob to control the security functions. Another feature of the Sherkhan is the call sensor, which is activated from outside the machine. This will cause the owner of the car without a mobile phone. And the "Free Hands" mode automatically sets and removes the car from the guard when the owner approaches or moves away.

Starline - comparison of alarm models

Pandora - comparison of models of alarms

Tip: after the purchase of the alarm do not place a tag on the machine with its name. Some motorists believe that this way they show potential hijackers that the car is under protection. However, knowing the exact name of the signaling to criminals it will be easier to pick up a "key" to it.

And good luck on the roads!