Rating of the best induction hobs of 2016

Electric induction hobs are increasingly popular, as they are more stylish, quick and efficient for cooking, when compared to gas stoves. Food in metal dishes is heated by induced eddy currents, they are created by a high-frequency magnetic field.

The only drawback of induction panels is the need to purchase special dishes.

Introducing the best induction hobs .The rating of 2016 is based on the estimates of users of Yandex. Market.

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  • 10. Zanussi ZIT 64 X
  • 9. Siemens EH675MV11E
  • 8. Siemens EH679MB17E
  • 7. Smeg SI955DO
  • 6. NEFF T55T53X2
  • 5. Asko HI1194G
  • 4. Asko HI1994G
  • 3. Asko HI1994M
  • 2. Siemens EH651FK17E
  • 1. Siemens EH651FB17E

10. Zanussi ZIT 64 X

The average price is 13,780 rubles.

Touch switches, child protection, fast food warming, quiet and non-annoying timer sound, cute design - these are the advantages of this model.

On the shortcomings: the touch-sensitive buttons do not always react the first time, the surface hardly rubs off dirt and it is difficult to find the plate on sale( discontinued).

9. Siemens EH675MV11E

The average price is 120? 759 rubles.

Stylish induction hob. The rating of the best has been enlarged thanks to numerous options: it turns itself off if water boils and runs out of the pan, has 18 power levels( 1 for rapid heating and 17 conventional), heats the surface only under the dishes, so that the child does not get burned if he puts his hand to the surfaceplates. The left and right pairs of inductors can be combined into one large zone, resulting in an "oval heating zone".

Disadvantage: buzzing when working at maximum power.

8. Siemens EH679MB17E

Average price - 49,490 rubles.

As with the previous model from the top 10, this one has a ring with an oval heating zone. If there is no cookware on the cooker after turning on, it will automatically turn off. Provides protection from children. You can set the timer for each burner.

Disadvantages: it is difficult to "get" into the sensor strip, choosing the degree of heating( for example, to decrease from 6 to 5.5), a quiet hum is heard during operation.

7. Smeg SI955DO

The average price is 144 180 rubles.

Advantages: design, 15 modes of heating, protection from children, touch control, heating power adjustment. The plate is easy to clean.

Disadvantages: it cools long after shutdown.

6. NEFF T55T53X2

The average price is 63 990 rubles.

Rating of induction hobs replenished model with TwistPad - control wheel. Judging by the feedback of users, it is very pleasant to manage the panel in this way. There is a ring with an oval heating zone, you can set a timer for each burner. The disadvantages include the absence of a metal frame at the edges.

5. Asko HI1194G

Average price - 95 900 rub.

There are traditional for expensive models, child protection, a timer for each burner and touch controls. The plate has 13 degrees of heating and 4 heating zones. Since it is well removed fat and other types of pollution, after cleaning does not remain a divorce. But it may not be suitable for a small kitchen, as it takes up a lot of space.

4. Asko HI1994G

The average price is 135,900 rubles.

Beautiful panel with touch control and protection from children.5 heating zones and 2 burners with an oval heating zone allow you to quickly prepare a dinner of several dishes for a large family.

Cons: if you "capture" the touch buttons with your fingers, you will not be able to turn on the panel.

3. Asko HI1994M

The average price is 139,900 rubles.

And one more model from Asko has entered the best induction hobs of 2016.Advantages: 5 burners with residual heat indicators for each, overheat shut-off, touch switches, glass-ceramic, easily washable surface.

Disadvantages: short( 1.1-meter) cable.

2. Siemens EH651FK17E

The average price is 37 558 rubles.

Small three-burner model with protection from children.17 power adjustments, easy touch control, recognition of the presence of dishes, what else is needed from an inexpensive and high-quality induction cooker?

1. Siemens EH651FB17E

The average price is 39 750 rubles.

Tops the top 10 cooker with four burners, the "boost" function( accelerated cooking), protective shutdown, touch control and an oval heating zone. The ideal option, which does not ruin the family budget. The only minus: buzzes at maximum power.