The best goals of 2016 by FIFA

At the annual FIFA awards ceremony held in Monaco, the author of the most beautiful goal in the world was once again named. Prize of Ferenc Puskash for the best goal of 2016 got little-known to the general public Malaysian football player Faiz Subri.


  • Best goal of Faiza Subri 02/16/2016
  • Best goal of Khlomfo Kenan in the match of Cameroon - South Africa
  • Best goal of Jonath Marlon
  • Best goal of Simmon Scrabba
  • Goal of Halah Robson-Kahn to the goal of Belgium at Euro 2016

Best goal of Faiza Subri02/16/2016

On February 16, 2016, in the home match of the Malaysian Championship against "Pananga", the midfielder of the club "Pulau Penang" struck the opponents with a free kick. The distance of 35 meters, from which scored by Subri, already makes his goal out of the way. But the astonishment is caused by the trajectory over which the malaysian managed to start the ball. After his impact, the ball flew first away from the gate, then soared up, sharply turned to the right and fell into the far corner of the gate. However, like any work of art, the goal of the Subri can not be adequately described in words, it must be seen:

The winner of the FIFA nomination before its moment of glory from the sky was not enough.29-year-old football player from the beginning of his career did not stay in one club for more than a year. In 2015, he signed a contract with the "Pilau Pinang", who then played in the second Malaysian division, and helped him move to the elite. On average, he scores for his club more than one ball per game, speaking on the positions of the attacker and the extreme midfielder, as well as the striker. Subri called in the national team of Malaysia, but on the field in the T-shirt of the Malaysian national team, he has not yet appeared.

The victory of Subri in the contest was predetermined by modern technologies. The video of his ball became viral first in Asia, and then and all over the world, collecting hundreds of millions of views in social networks. Voting on the official website of FIFA brought the Subway official recognition.

Best goal of Khlomfo Kenan in the match Cameroon - South Africa

Of the remaining contenders of special respect, the goal of Khlomfo Kekana deserves. Midfielder South Africa in an away match against the team of Cameroon picked up the ball from his goal and, not reaching the center line, on a low trajectory sent him to the gate.

However, Kekan's ball did not even hit the trio of finalists. In her company the winner was Brazilian Jonath Marlone and young Venezuelan football player Danyushka Rodriguez. Hit the ball in the top three of the best goals of FIFA 2016 can be regarded as a tribute to age( Rodriguez is not yet 17 years old) and sex Daniela. Twisting the two defenders to the loss of their pulse in the penalty area and the subsequent blow to the near corner look funny, but it's difficult to name the goal scored in the World Championship match among girls.

Best goal of Jonath Marlon

Marlon scored his goal in the Libertadores Cup match against the Chilean "Cobresela".After taking the ball after the horse transfer to the left, the midfielder of the Brazilian "Corinthians", not allowing him to sink to the lawn, a side impact "scissors" hit the corner of the gate.

The goals of club-mates on Barcelona Lionel Messi and Neimar also fell into the list of the best goals of FIFA 2016, but they did not win the laurels. Goal Messi direct free-kick with a free kick of a Brazilian after an elegant feint heel did not win sympathy for Internet users. The Spanish league in the top ten represented two more goals. The slalom passage of Saul Nyiges from Madrid "Atletico", in the course of which the nominee beat four opponents, culminated in an accurate outward blow to the lower corner. Mario Gaspar, the Villarreal player in the match between Spain and England, broke through the penalty box into the top corner.

The best goal of Simmon Scrubba

The youngest of the men, whose goals were included in the short list of the best goals of FIFA 2016, was Simon Scrubb.21-year-old Finnish midfielder, who is in favor of the Swedish IFC, in the match of the Championship of Sweden, struck the opponent's "scorpion blow".After the diagonal transfer, Scrubb managed to pierce his heel without seeing the ball.

Hal Helen Robson-Kahn's goal at Belgium's gate to Euro 2016

The goal of Welshman Hal Robsohn-Kahn, scored in the gate of Belgium for Euro 2016, is beautiful not so much with the final blow as preparation for it. Get a frankly uncomfortable transfer in the center of the penalty area, Robson-Kanu in one move left out of work a whole group of defenders and without resistance shot the gate.

FIFA has determined the best goal of the year in the world for the eighth time. Subrey became the first Asian winner of the contest for the best goal of the year FIFA.Prior to him, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Hamit Altintop, Hames Rodriguez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Miroslav Stoch and Wendell Lira were the winners in the nomination.