Top 5 most effective diets in the world

Almost everyone wants to lose weight today. Who needs it, and who does not - the question is separate. But the question "how?", Perhaps, the most burning for all comers, it is on him that we will try to answer in this article. Here are collected the most popular, and therefore, the most effective diets from around the world , the choice of them - just a matter of taste.


  • 1. Japanese diet is one of the most effective diets
  • 2. Rice diet
  • 3. Kremlin diet
  • 4. Buckwheat diet
  • 5. Kefir diet

1. Japanese diet is one of the most effective diets

Want to lose weight before the holidays, graduation, important evening, but only a couple of weeks? Then this diet is for you. It involves a quick slimming effect due to its severity and low calorie. It is necessary to carefully treat the diet: do not replace any foods throughout the diet and not miss a single day. The diet lasts 13 days, and at this time it is necessary to completely exclude salt and bread, alcohol, sugar from the diet. The main idea of ​​the Japanese specialists who developed the diet was to change the metabolism, which will allow to consolidate the effect for a long time, so one of such effective diets was born.

2. Rice diet

Rice many nutritionists are called the ideal product. It is nutritious, but it is low in calories, and contains a large amount of B vitamins. It removes salts, harmful elements, and slags from the body. Ideal diet, which in addition to rice does not consume anything, except apple juice. This diet is designed for 3 days, and is more likely to be unloading. More continue this diet is not worth it, because along with salts, important microelements are also derived. There are many diets where other foods are added to the rice( usually 1-2 products, no more), on such diets you can sit for up to 14 days.

3. The Kremlin diet

Today it is one of the most effective and popular diets .With her help, many officials lost tens of kilograms. The diet is interesting because it destroys all known principles of diets and is based on unlimited consumption of meat, and the source of energy - carbohydrates are replaced by proteins. Each product is assigned the points indicated in the table. If you want to lose weight quickly, then you need to keep within 40 points, and in order to stay at the current weight - 60 points. Do not eat fruits, sweet, flour, potatoes, rice, bread, as they contain an excessive amount of carbohydrates. The main products during a diet are those that contain a large number of proteins, while the amount of such food is not completely limited. There are contraindications for people with chronic diseases of the stomach, intestines, heart.

4. Buckwheat diet

This diet should not sit more than 1 week, but it allows you to achieve impressive results for this period. What pleases you - you will not have to starve, you can eat in any quantity, but only buckwheat and only cooked in a certain way. To do this, you need to pour a glass of water with two cups of boiling water, leave "cooked" for 12 hours. The main thing is not to add spices, salt, sugar. The first time will be hard enough and tasteless there is such a mess, but you quickly get used to. Buckwheat porridge is very rich in vitamins and trace elements, so you will not need any additional products. To replenish the level of calcium, it is recommended to drink a liter of low-fat kefir, and you can also eat a small amount of fruit, except grapes and bananas. In general, the principles of diet are preserved: not immediately after awakening and before bed.

There are contraindications for people suffering from diabetes or hypertension.

5. Kefir diet

Diets based mainly on the consumption of kefir a lot, but they are common: the maximum reduction in the intake of easily digestible carbohydrates and their replacement with fermented milk products. Due to this, the consumed calories are reduced to 1200. Also kefir replenishes all the necessary microelements that do not enter the body due to the exclusion of certain products, besides it improves the functioning of the intestines, blood and nervous system of the body. As with other diets, you need to reduce consumption of sugar and sweets. Such a diet will be effective, after the New Year and other protracted festivals, during which it is impossible to avoid overeating.