Top 10 best basketball players in history

Champions of competitions of planetary scale, the most useful and outstanding personalities of the NBA - a great many epithets can be selected for basketball players, whose paths to victory have improved and changed this sport.

Try to squeeze them into some kind of framework? Determine the list of the best or list of worthy? The most complete and objective opinion still does not exist. Let's pay attention to the key figures in the history of basketball.


  • 10. Legendary fourth - Tim Duncan
  • 9. Ambiguous Shaquille O'Neill
  • 8. Unique Oscar Robinson
  • 7. Best non-African American - Larry Bird
  • 6. 100-point Wilt Chamberlain
  • 5. Best acting - Kobe Bryant
  • 4. Best defender - Bill Russell
  • 3. Golden Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • 2. Leader on transfers - Irwin "Magic" Johnson
  • 1. Just Michael Jordan

10. Legendary fourth - Tim Duncan

Timmy - "Mister Modesty" of the whole League. Smart player with elegant middle of the shield and struggle for selection. He has an excellent clutch-sense and thoroughbred leadership. It was he who led Spurs to a fourfold victory in the championship. Three times MVP finals. Tim is unique in his ability to do a lot of rough work.

9. Ambiguous Shaquille O'Neill

One can not dislike him, but to deny his contribution to history is blasphemous. To call Shaquila is simply boring. He is an event. At the peak of his career, Daddy won more than one title. In the list of skorers takes the 5th place in the history of the League. Adored by fans, always in the center, Neal finished his basketball procession, but left a mark forever.

8. Unique Oscar Robinson

How to miss a player with a triple-double for the season? Today's colleagues still can not beat this record. In 1962, Robinson scored 30 points per match. He also gave Milwaukee the only title in 1974.Oscar is universal and great.

7. Best non-African American - Larry Bird

Legend. He got: three MVP, three championships, two MVP finals, 12 participations in the Match of All Stars. Record - in a row 3 wins at a three-pointer contest, can not beat anyone yet. Larry was a tough trash-torch. But, every time in the locker room asked a daring question: "Who will be the second today?".A great sniper. Beat with a 90% penalty kick, got in the greater half, and the figure of three off scale for 40%.He was admired by both comrades and fans.

6. 100-Points Wilt Chamberlain

Hundreds in one game. A single hit in the TOP.Unsurpassed in everything. On average he filled more than 50 per game.4-fold MVP, 2-time League champion, 13 times in All-Star. What else to add?

5. Best acting - Kobe Bryant

5-fold champion of the NBA.I achieved everything I wanted. In 2006 he threw 81 points in Toronto, than he approached Chamberlain. The only one who deserved the praise of Michael himself.

4. Best defender - Bill Russell

Played back in those days when no one considered block shots. Otherwise, Oljjuvon would not occupy a position of the leader now. He believed that it was protection that won titles.11 times he gave his team a championship.5 times MVP became. Today Bill hands out advice, and is highly respected in the narrow circles of the basketball elite.

3. Golden Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Or platinum. Maybe, in general, priceless. In his piggy bank, the largest number of points is 38,387. "Sky Hook" from Karim is a deadly trick for someone else's ring. His team brought 5 victories. He is the best scorer. Even at 41 played hard and efficiently.

2. Transmission leader - Irwin "Magic" Johnson

Four times in the League, three times MVP and as many finals. Magic - the first razvodyayuschy with a height of 2.08 m. He is also a revolutionary at the point guard position. Worthily performed instead of Karim in the Lakers and brought victory to the team. Irvin left the sport early, which did not stop him from winning the title of "Skillful Wizard" and take an honorable silver place in history.

1.Just Michael Jordan

We will not waste time and admire his awards:

- triumphant victories in 6 championships( hitt-trick-2)

- All-Star Weekend - 14

- MVP finals - 6

- best on points forgame - 10

- The best defending - 1998

- in the top five of the NBA - 10 times

- The best beginner of 1985

There are a lot more you can write about the Personality of basketball. And it's better to review games with historical moments and enjoy them again.

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