Top 10 of the most difficult people in the world

About a third of the population of Europe and the United States suffer from excess weight. Doctors all over the world are sounding the alarm, noting the increase in the number of obese patients even among infants. Millions of people daily torture themselves with diets in the hope of losing weight.

In today's Top 10 hit the world's heaviest people , whose weight exceeded the unthinkable mark of 400 kg.


  • 10. Manuel Uribe
  • 9. Walter Hudson
  • 8. Rosalie Bradford
  • 7. Michael Hebranko
  • 6. Patrick Duel
  • 5. Robert Earl Hughes
  • 4. Mary Rosales
  • 3. Kenneth Brumley
  • 2. Mills Darden
  • 1. Carol Ann Yager

10. Manuel Uribe

Manuel's maximum weight was 597 kg, however, with the help of doctors and nutritionists, he managed to lose more than half of his heavy burden. Since February 2012 Uribe weighs 200 kg.

9. Walter Hudson

The years of Hudson's life: 1944-1991.Its maximum weight was 543 kg. Walter owns the record holder of the world's largest waist with a girth of 300 cm. In day one of the heaviest people in the world ate 12 eggs, a loaf of bread, two chickens, 4 potatoes, a big sweet pie, 4 hamburgers and 17 liters of water.

8. Rosalie Bradford

Rosalie has two entries in the Guinness Book of Records. At first she was introduced there as the heaviest woman in the world, and then, as a woman who lost the maximum amount of fat. At the age of 14 Rosalie weighed 92 kg, by 40 years her weight reached 544 kg. However, thanks to diets, Bradford managed to lose 416 kg.

7. Michael Hebranko

Michael managed to lose weight from 411 kg to 90, reducing the size of his waist from 290 to 91 cm. However, Hebranko could not keep more or less normal weight. A few years later he weighed 500 kg.

6. Patrick Duel

The maximum weight of Patrick was 410 kg. During 12 months of intensive dieting, Duel managed to lose 240 kg. He is one of the few who managed to keep his weight at the reached mark of 170 kg for a long time.

5. Robert Earl Hughes

Years of Hughes life: 1926 - 1958. At the age of 6 Robert weighed 92 kg, in 10 - already 171 kg. The maximum weight of a man was 486 kg. He died of acute kidney failure.

4. Mary Rosales

The maximum weight of a woman was 470 kg. Obesity helped Mary escape jail. She was accused of murdering her mother and sister, however, the court found that the woman was too fat to commit such acts.

3. Kenneth Brumley

The maximum weight of Bramley was 468 kg. However, he managed to lose 76 kg in 40 days, adhering to a diet in which the caloric content of a daily diet should not exceed 1200 Kcal.

2. Mills Darden

The years of Darden's life: 1799-1857.It is believed that Mills was one of the most difficult people in history. Its weight was from 450 to 500 kg. The height of the man was 2.3 meters, he would be envied by the world's tallest women.

1. Carol Ann Yager

Carol was the heaviest woman in the history of with a maximum weight of 550 kg with a height of 170 cm. During the three months of her stay at the clinic, the woman managed to lose 236 kg, but the weight quickly returned. Carol died at 34 years of acute kidney failure.