Rating of the best businessmen 2016, the most successful by the version of Fortune

Who can be included in the ranking of the best businessmen of 2016?To answer this question, the Fortune business magazine( publishes Time Inc) ranked well-known companies for 12- and 36-month profit increases, share prices, return on capital and debts. Intangibles were also taken into account: does the CEO influence global business, do bold and far-sighted steps?

We present to you the top 10 most successful and influential businessmen of the outgoing year according to the Fortune version.


  • 10. Jack Ma
  • 9. Rodney Sachs
  • 8. Cheng Wei
  • 7. Ren-Sun Huang
  • 6. Brad Smith
  • 5. Satya Nadella
  • 4. Larry Page
  • 3. Mary Dillon
  • 2. Jeff Bezos
  • 1. Mark Zuckerberg

10. Jack Ma

Position: Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group.

This is the only businessman from mainland China, whose photo was placed on the cover of Forbes magazine. Founded by him, Alibaba is currently one of the world's leading e-commerce web portals. One of the structures of Alibaba is the most popular in Russia online store Aliexpress.

9. Rodney Sachs

Position: CEO of Monster Beverage.

Energy drinks remain at the peak of popularity and the company of Rodney Sachs flourishes. In 1992, he and Hilton Schlosberg acquired a highly respected, but hard-working business for the production of natural drinks Hansen's Natural for 14.6 million dollars. Ten years later, they and their colleague Mark Hall presented a completely different drink: a competitor to the Red Bull called Monster Energy. Last year, Monster Beverage received a record $ 546 million in profits.

8. Cheng Wei

Position: General Manager Didi Chuxing.

When the Uber taxi service appeared in China a few years ago, it seemed that it would dominate the Asian market, like in the US.But then Uber faced Cheng Wei, who combined his smaller alternative with a similarly sized local competitor. So the company Didi Chuxing, which started a costly war of attrition with Uber, was born. Taxi Didi Chuxing appeared in 400 cities of China, while Uber was only a few dozen. This summer Uber admitted its defeat by selling its unit in China Didi Chuxing.

7. Ren-Sun Huang

Position: CEO of Nvidia.

The company Nvidia has relied on two fashion technologies: artificial intelligence and virtual reality. As virtual reality slowly turns from expensive entertainment into something ordinary, a large number of consumers may need computers with high-performance graphics processors and VR-headsets. The fact that Juan put on the "right horse" confirms the fact that over the past year, Nvidia shares have risen more than twice.

6. Brad Smith

Position: CEO of Intuit.

This year Intuit sold its original Quicken product( personal finance software).Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. In the summer of last year, Brad Smith explained that Quicken, which unlike QuickBooks and TurboTax lacked cloud-based services or offers that were distributed by subscription, was essentially a dead end for the company.

Now Intuit is betting on QuickBooks - cloud accounting software.

5. Satya Nadella

Position: Microsoft CEO.

Rating of the most successful businessmen could not do without a representative of Microsoft. He became CEO in 2014 and, according to Steve Ballmer, is an excellent leader. Under the leadership of Nadella, the corporation has invested billions of dollars in the construction of data centers around the world to support cloud products. And this allowed us to direct the business from permanent licenses, where revenue is a one-off business, to subscriptions where revenue is regular.

4. Larry Page

Position: General Manager of Alphabet.

Alphabet is the parent company of Google and several others:

  • Nest: is engaged in the improvement of living space;
  • Google Fiber: realizes broadband access to the network through fiber-optic communication;
  • Verily: studying life sciences.

In 2015, these companies together received revenues of $ 448 million.

3. Mary Dillon

Position: General Manager of Ulta.

The only lady in the top ten most successful business people in 2016.She took over as CEO in mid-2013, and managed to double the company's sales. Now Ulta is the largest cosmetic retail trade network in the US.

2. Jeff Bezos

Position: General Manager of Amazon.

Over the past 12 months, the largest online retailer has received 2.1 billion dollars in revenue, largely due to its growing cloud business. At the same time, Amazon has successfully mastered the market of home automation systems, having released its smart Amazon Echo speaker. And its line of inexpensive Fire tablets is deservedly popular due to its quality, lightness and good screens.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Position: CEO of Facebook.

The most successful businessman and the best businessman of the year, known even to those who never used the "facebook".Facebook costs 350 billion dollars, and the audience of this social network is almost 1.8 billion people. And all 12 years on the way to Facebook to greatness, Zuckerberg remained the chief executive officer. Thanks to bold acquisitions and far-sighted steps, he saved his offspring from "drowning" by competitors such as Google, Twitter, Snapchat and others.