Rating of the best biathlonists in Russia

Biathlon competitions were completed within the framework of the European Championship in Slovakia and the seventh stage of the World Cup.

The Union of Biathlonists of Russia has summed up and presented the leaders of the Russian national team by the number of points, both among venerable athletes and among juniors.

Today we offer to your attention the top ten best biathlonists of the country.

10. Olga Podchufarova ( 187 points) did not become the best among juniors, most likely because of a trauma caused by a fall 400 meters before the finish. The fourth place did not plunge the girl into despair - she hopes for a serious revenge on the results of the world championship.

9. Olga Galich leads the rating of Russian juniors with a good advantage( 254.5 points).In the piggy bank of the young sportswoman there is a title of the Champion of Russia in 2011 in the superpacut.

8. Maxim Tsvetkov ( 262 points) brought a bronze medal of Eurobiathlon-2012 to the junior team, behind the leader of the junior race for 34 seconds

7. Alexander Loginov ( 313 points) - silver medalist of the championship among juniors. Despite the brilliant performance, he lost to Norwegian Vetle Christiansen, who managed to win with a second advantage.

6. Svetlana Sleptsova ( 1036 points) is third in the women's biathlon team and 15th overall in the World Cup.

5. Evgeny Garanichev ( 1092 points) started his sports career as a ski racer and only in 2008 moved to biathlon. The success of this transition is obvious - on February 2 Eugene in Holmenkollen won the first gold in his career in the sprint.

4. Andrei Makoveev ( 1186 points) was forced to miss two of the three races, which inevitably affected the rating of this very strong and promising athlete. Today, Andrei is the ninth in the overall World Cup ranking among men.

3. Olga Vilukhina ( 1247 points) is the owner of three medals at the current World Cup competitions.

2. Evgeniy Ustyugov ( 1282 points) - the leader of the men's national team in terms of points and the fifth in the overall World Cup standings. Since the beginning of the year, Eugene has brought the national team two medals in the fourth stage of the World Cup: silver in the relay race and bronze in the sprint.

1. Olga Zaitseva ( 1529 points) is an experienced sportswoman in the Russian women's team. Two-time Olympic champion from the beginning of 2012 brought to the team 5 medals, including two gold medals. In the overall standings, Olga is the fourth among women.

The ninth final stage of the World Cup will end in Russian Khanty-Mansiysk on March 18 this year - we will expect new victories from our biathletes.