Rating of the most drinking countries

The attitude to alcohol varies greatly in different countries - in some it is not customary to drink more glasses "for the company", in others - "beer without vodka - money to the wind."But in any case, alcohol poses a serious threat to the health of entire nations, and the World Health Organization is always serious about such statistics and this year has again published a report on the status of alcohol in the world. Including from the report it is possible to allocate a rating of the most drinking countries which is constructed on the basis of average annual consumption of pure alcohol per capita.


10. Croatia

  • 9. Belarus
  • 8. Romania
  • 7. Anderra
  • 6. Estonia
  • 5. Ukraine
  • 4. Russia
  • 3. Hungary
  • 2. Czech Republic
  • 1.Moldavia
  • 10. Croatia

    10. CroatiaCroatia annually hosts a huge number of festivals: the Festival of cartoons, the International Festival of Puppet Theaters, the International Folklore Festival, the Zagreb Summer Festival and many, many others. Is not this one of the reasons that Croatia was in the top ten countries?:) Per capita in this country consumes 15.11 liters of pure alcohol, including beer: 6.66 liters.

    9. Belarus

    There are quite a few countries of the former USSR in the rating, and Belarus is one of them. According to the index of human development from the UN report, Belarus is on the 52nd place out of 182 countries. Nevertheless, 15.13 liters of alcohol are consumed in this country, while the interesting feature is that 1.84 liters of beer are consumed, and alcoholic beverages are three times more - 4.08 liters.

    8. Romania

    This small country( 78th in the world in area) with a population of 21 million people.is on the 50th place on the human development index, and for each of the 21 million there are 15.30 liters of alcohol per year. The ratio of beer consumption and strong alcoholic beverages in the country is approximately the same - 4.07 and 4.14 liters, respectively.


    The dwarf principality, located between France and Spain, celebrates its national holiday - the day of Our Lady of Meritschella - on September 8, the Human Development Index is on the 30th place. The population of this country is only 91 thousand people, but they drink a lot - 15.48 liters per year. Consumption of beer and strong alcoholic beverages approximately correlate - 3.93 and 3.14 liters, respectively.

    6. Estonia

    The country in Northern Europe is famous for its slowness, but it ranks 34th in the rating on the human development index. Each of the 1.3 million residents drinks an average of 15.57 liters of alcohol, of the bottled beer - 5.53 liters, and twice the amount of strong spirits - 9.19 liters.

    5. Ukraine

    One of the former republics of the USSR, recently flashing in the news, ranks 69th in the rating on the human development index. On average, each resident of Ukraine drinks 15.60 liters of alcohol per year, while mostly abusing the strong drinks - 5.21 liters per year per capita, while beer in the country is not popular - 2.69 liters per person.

    4. Russia

    Perhaps the most popular in the world community is alcohol abuse, "a bottle of vodka and a cap with earflaps" - a standard stereotype of a Russian peasant. Nevertheless, Russia did not even get into the top three, although the rating of vodka has long been compiled, but in the rating for the human development index Russia is only on the 65th place. At the same time, alcohol consumption per capita is 15.76 liters, especially strong alcoholic beverages - 6.88 liters per person per year.

    3. Hungary

    Country in Central Europe, celebrates its main state holiday - St. Istvan Day - August 20.It is on the 5th place in the number of suicides per 100 thousand people, and in the rating on the index of human development - in 36th place. The total alcohol consumption in this country is 16.27 liters per person per year.

    2. Czech Republic

    The capital of the Czech Republic - Prague - is also known as the capital of beer, hence the large amount of consumption of this drink - 8.51 liters per year per person. According to the human development index, the country is on the 28th place, which is higher than all of the countries present in the rating. However, alcohol consumption of 16.45 liters per person per year gave the country a silver medal in the ranking of the most drinking countries.


    Is it difficult to explain how this small country of 33,846 km?became the leader of the rating of the most drinking countries , but perhaps the fact is that the country's human development index occupies only 99th place. Whatever the reason, on average, each of the 3.5 million people in the country drinks 18.22 liters per year. An interesting fact is that of these 18 liters, only 8.22 liters is official consumption, i.e.alcohol purchased in stores that have a license for this. The remaining 10 liters produced and purchased in the underground shops.