Top 10 facts about sneezing

Most of us sneeze during pathology, during dust wiping and even, as astronauts say, in space. Despite the fact that very few of us understand why we sneeze, we are used to looking around sneezing with a hostile look. Where does sneezing come from and can it be stopped?


  • 1. Sneezing starts in the nerve endings of
  • 2. Sneezes protect our body
  • 3. We sneeze with great speed
  • 4. Plucking of eyebrows provokes sneezing
  • 5. Man does not sneeze in sleep
  • 6. Physical activity provokes sneezing
  • 7The largest duration of sneezing
  • 8. The sun can make you sneeze
  • 9. Thoughts about sex provoke sneezing
  • 10. How to stop sneezing?

1. Sneezing begins in the nerve endings of

So says Neil Kao , an expert in allergy and asthma in Greenville, the human nervous system is arranged in the same way in different people. Although the signals that are transmitted along the nerves, can go in different directions to the brain and back, which is reflected in various sneezing reactions. When signals are transmitted along the nerves, the CNS learns that there is something in the nose that should be removed from there.

2. Sneezing protects our body

Sneezing is an important part of the immune system that helps maintain health. During the sneezing, your body is protected by cleansing the nasal passages from bacteria and viruses. When the CNS receives a signal that something has got into your nose, the sneezing center in the brain is activated, your throat, eyes and mouth are closed, and the muscles of the chest compress. As a result, the air along with saliva and mucus are pushed out of the nose and mouth area and then you sneeze.

3. We sneeze with great speed

Chih makes the path of about 160 kilometers per hour , states Patti Wood author of the book "Successful signals: How to understand the Body Language" .It also states that when sneezing, about 100,000 microorganisms are released into the air.

4. Plucking eyebrows provokes sneezing

When you pluck your eyebrows, activate the nerve endings that supply the nasal passages, and eventually you can start sneezing.

5. A person does not sneeze in sleep

Sleeping sleeps the nerves responsible for sneezing, which means that you can not sneeze if you are actually sleeping.

6. Physical activity provokes sneezing

Exercise can lead to sneezing, experts say. During physical exertion, hyperventilation occurs, which leads to overdrying of the nasal passages and mouth. As a result, you start sniffing and sneezing.

7. The longest sneezing time

The largest sneezing time was recorded in the UK Donna Griffiths , which sneezed 978 days without interruption .Uncontrolled sneezing attacks often have psychological causes.

8. The sun can make you sneeze

Bright sunlight makes one of the 3 people sneeze. This phenomenon is also called "light sneezing reflex" , which happens always when you look at the sun or bright sunlight. It is not entirely clear why this happens, although it is known that sneezing is hereditary.

9. Thoughts about sex provoke sneezing

In 2008, the study revealed that thoughts about sex can cause uncontrolled sneezing. The researchers connected to several on-line chats and learned that many men and women reported sneezing situations immediately then, as they began to think about sex. There are also cases when people start to sneeze during orgasm .Researchers explain this by the fact that when a person thinks about sex, the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, which causes sneezing.

10. How to stop sneezing?

Despite the fact that such a method is not perfect, some experts advise to breathe a black mouth and pinch itself at the tip of the nose to stop sneezing.