Top 10 dead celebrities who continue to earn millions

Heirs of these celebrities are provided for many years to come! It is therefore not surprising that lawsuits are often filed between children, grandchildren and other relatives of dead stars.

Forbes experts selected Top 10 dead celebrities who continue to earn millions .A peculiar "rating of the dead" Forbes publishes the twelfth time.


10. Theodore Geisel

  • 9. Betty Page
  • 8. Albert Einstein
  • 7. John Lennon
  • 6. Marilyn Monroe
  • 5. Bob Marley
  • 4. Elizabeth Taylor
  • 3. Charles Monroe Schultz
  • 2. Elvis Presley
  • 1. Michael Jackson
  • 10. Theodore Geisel

    This children's writer and animator is better known as Dr. Seuss. Author's deductions from the sale of books and animations bring heirs to $ 9 million per year. By the way, it was Heisel who came up with the Grinch, who stole Christmas.

    9. Betty Page

    The actress died at the advanced age of 85 years in 2008, however, "earns" for her heirs for $ 10 million a year. Created by Betty the image of a pin-up girl is actively replicating the owners of boutiques and beauty salons.

    8. Albert Einstein

    The great scientist did not become in 1955.However, even today his name brings in a year $ 10 million. Using the ideas of the big bang theory brings good money to the family physicist. In addition, for the use of Einstein's name in the name of a tablet computer or laboratory equipment, manufacturers are willing to pay well.

    7. John Lennon

    Killed in 1980, Lennon brings to the heirs $ 12 million annually. Revenues "drip" from royalties, from the sale of albums and from the performance of numerous shows "in the Beatles' style."

    6. Marilyn Monroe

    The name and image of the deceased in 1962, the star of the screen has long been transformed into a brand. About $ 15 million were deductions from the use of Monroe photos in advertising campaigns, as well as in the design of the interiors of cafes and spa salons.

    5. Bob Marley

    The singer died of cancer in 1981, however, his "earnings" for the past year were $ 18 million. The main revenue comes from the company Marley Beverage, which produces a relaxing drink Marley's Mellow Mood, as well as the company House of Marley, producing "eco-friendly" sound recordings and "clean" products.

    4. Elizabeth Taylor

    The film actress, who died in 2011, earned $ 25 million over the past year. The bulk of the money came from selling jewelry and personal items at auctions. Also among the income items is the proceeds from the sale of the Perfume White Diamonds.

    3. Charles Monroe Schultz

    The famous cartoonist artist was the author of comic books about the boy Charlie and his dog Snoopy. Charles died in 1977, but the sale of comics, as well as replicating images of the characters of Schulz brings in a year $ 37 million.

    2. Elvis Presley

    The legendary performer passed away in 1977 from a heart attack. However, today the name of Presley brings to heirs not less than $ 55 million per year. Income brings royalties, as well as the estate Graceland, open to the public.

    1. Michael Jackson

    After his death, Jackson continues to "earn" fabulous money - $ 160 million a year. The main income items are 2 grandiose circus du Soleil shows, the Mijac music catalog, royalties from album sales, and a share in Sony / ATV, the publishing division of Sony Music.