Rating of the best resorts on the Black Sea coast of Russia

In anticipation of the hottest months of the year, millions of Russians are beginning to plan their summer holidays. For those who prefer rest in the resorts of Russia , the tourist infrastructure of the Black Sea coast is becoming more and more perfect from year to year. Large hotel complexes and mini-hotels offer their services to travelers with any level of income.

Today we have compiled the rating of the best resorts of the Black Sea coast of Russia , designed to facilitate the choice of future vacationers.


  • 10. Divnomorsk.
  • 9. Nebug
  • 8. Vityazevo
  • 7. Dzhubga
  • 6. Big Utrish
  • 5. Tuapse.
  • 4. Kabardinka.
  • 3. Anapa.
  • 2. Gelendzhik.
  • 1. Sochi. The Black Sea resorts of Russia

10. Divnomorsk.

This resort village has a large selection of hotels of different levels. Several beaches, an aquapark, many cafes, bars and discos attract thousands of young people here. The nearest railway station in Novorossiysk is 40 km away, the airport of Gelendzhik is 10 km away.

9. Nebug

is famous for its beautiful pebbly and sandy beaches and centuries-old forests, subtropical climate and refreshing sea breezes. In the village there is a large water park, a dolphinarium and even an ice palace. On the territory of Nebuga are several large hotel complexes, as well as many mini-hotels.

8. Vityazevo

is a few kilometers of magnificent sandy beaches. There is a large selection of hotels, focused on family holidays. The best resorts in Russia , designed for recreation with children, are, of course, Vityazevo and Anapa.

7. Dzhubga

meets those tourists who arrive at resorts of Russia and Black Sea on the federal highway M4.And many remain to rest here, as in the village there are a lot of mini-hotels mainly economy class.

6. Big Utrish

is a combination of mountains, rocky cliffs and small lagoons with crystal clear water. The young tourist infrastructure, nevertheless, has everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

5. Tuapse.

The city is very actively developing, with each season increasing the number of the best hotels in Russia, restaurants and entertainment complexes. There are three beaches in the city, but many holidaymakers prefer the quieter resorts of the Black Sea coast of Russia , located near Tuapse-Agoy, Novomikhailovsky, Lermontovo, Shepsi, Olgininka.

4. Kabardinka .

This modern resort village today boasts hotels of various levels, including the beautiful five-star complex "Hope".A distinctive feature of Kabardinka is a more arid climate in comparison with other resorts of the coast. Precipitation here is extremely rare, and the holiday season lasts until November.

3. Anapa.

The city for many decades keeps the glory of the best children's resort of Russia .Sandy beaches, gently sloping entrance to the sea, the availability of children's medical and recreational facilities, recreational parks and recreational areas attract thousands of families with children of all ages to Anapa.

2. Gelendzhik.

The rating of this resort has grown significantly in recent years with the opening of a new airport and the restoration of a pedestrian promenade. The beaches of Gelendzhik satisfy tourists with different preferences: in the Thonky Cape area there are wonderful sandbanks, and pebble beaches stretch from the city center to Tolstoy cape.

1. Sochi . Black Sea resorts of Russia

located in the area of ​​the so-called Greater Sochi, are famous for the huge choice of housing in a very different price category and a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. Sochi's sea resorts include Sochi, Adler, Lazarevskoye, Dagomys, Loo, Merry, Anchor Shchel. There is enough developed infrastructure, near the airport and railway transport.