Rating of the best countries for fishing

Every fisherman must know the top 10 countries for fishing. If you are going on a trip at least one of these countries, then you should definitely bring your fishing gear with you, because you are in one of the best countries for fishing. Top is made on the basis of many years of experience of fishermen and the number of people engaged in fishing.

1. Ideal for Finland, with its the world's cleanest lakes , not found. They are full of different kinds of fish. Fishing is allowed throughout the country. You are guaranteed an excellent catch on one of the many Finnish lakes or rapids. Right on the coast for fishermen are built cozy houses, so you can catch fish at any time. Rest assured, such fishing will make an indelible impression on you.
2. In the second place - native Russian rivers and lakes, seas and reservoirs, ponds and caves! They just swarm with fish. To say where fishing is better is difficult. But traditionally the most fishy are the rivers Amur, Volga, Lena, the Ural River, the Baltic Sea. The ardent fans of fishing come to these places from all regions of Russia in any weather, but it is better to always have tents and tents with you to hide from the weather.
3. Norway, in which the total length of the coastline is 55 thousand km, ranks third in the ranking of the best countries for fishing .Very often you can see fishermen not only on the shore, but also on boats in the middle of the pond. Norway is rich in cod, haddock, saithe halibut and other fish species.
4. Mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan is unique in its kind. Lake Son-Kul and Issyk-Kul, Toktogul and Nizhne-Alaarcinsky reservoirs, the Kekemeron and Susamyr rivers are considered ideal places for fishing. A pleasant bonus is the majestic beauty of mountain landscapes.
5. Iceland is the world center for sport fishing. Here, to compete in catching trout, salmon and sea fish, fishermen from all over the world aspire.
6. Sweden is another country in which international competitions for salmon fishing are held. The fish are considered to be the fish of Vettern and Vänern. Only here fishing in Sweden is quite expensive.
7. Slovakia is famous for its abundance of fish farms, there are about a thousand of them. Specially for lovers of fishing trout and grayling are grown. In the rivers of Slovakia a huge amount of carp, pike, catfish, pike perch, crucian carp, bream, roach. Please note that a license is required in the territory of Slovakia for fishing. Without it, you can fish, but do not take it with you.
8. The countries of the Mediterranean are famous for the whole world for their excellent fishing. Locals and tourists catch fish directly from the pier by conventional telescopic spinning or self-made fishing rods.
9. The islands of Thailand, located in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, will offer you the most exotic fishing. It is here that you can catch a huge Mietkong catfish, weighing 50 kg and more, arapayu and catfish.
10. The top ten of closes for the best fishing Israel, famous for the fastest and most fascinating fishing. Only in the reservoirs of Israel are found the Spitz and Long-nosed, which then come close to the shore, then they go far from the coast. Therefore, every day fishing is different here. Usually, the season begins in the early spring, and ends in October.