Top 10 worst holiday gifts

Probably everyone received bad presents. They seemed out of place, and just meaninglessly presented. And therefore, I made the TOP 10 of the worst gifts of , so that everyone could choose the right gift that would be a real value for its owner!


  • 1. Cake.
  • 2. Scales.
  • 3. Clothing.
  • 4. Plants or animals.
  • 5. The book.
  • 6. Photo album, photo frame.
  • 7. Cosmetics and hygiene products.
  • 8. Vase.
  • 9. Disc with the game
  • 10. Postcard.

1. Cake.

People are divided into sweet tooth and just lovers of eating sweet. If you are going to give a sweet tooth cake, then you can still please his "sweet" soul, but if a person does not tolerate sweetness at all or eats sweets, but in small quantities, I do not recommend giving a pie. Not only that, he may not be eaten, so also be on the trash.

2. Scales.

Scales. Why does a person need scales? To know your weight. If you give a scales, then this alludes to the excess weight of the host. It seems to me that it is not enough for anyone to like it - to feel fat. Therefore, I do not advise giving scales.

3. Clothing.

It's one thing to buy your clothes, and another to give it to someone. This option can be used if you are going to give a loved one or a relative who you know well. Otherwise, you can buy a size 2-3 more / less than you need.

4. Plants or animals.

Not when do not give animals and plants!"Why?" You ask. Kitties, dogs, birds need care, they require attention and affection. Few can keep pets at home. Flowers are also not recommended, because they need watering, digging, weeding. If you want to please the botanist, then still somehow this idea is welcomed.

5. The book.

Think well before you give a book. How well do you know a person to make such a gift? More than half of the people( of those who donated books) make the wrong choice. It is necessary to know well all the tastes and preferences of a person before, to give a book. Imagine, your friend is fond of mathematics, and you give him the book Alan Pisa "Language of body movements."Why does he need it? Of course, most mathematicians will be given a book related to mathematics. But he does not need him either. He knows math very well!

6. Photo album, photo frame.

It's so corny. Why give them to man? Most people are not happy with this gift.

7. Cosmetics and hygiene products.

These are not the worst gifts, but still, if you give cosmetics, then hint to a person that he has problems with appearance. Probably, very few people will like cosmetics and hygiene, as a gift.

8. Vase.

I do not know about you, but some do not really like vases, especially if it's not where to put it.

9. Disc with the game

If you want to please the child, then give the discs, but I do not recommend adults. First, half of the games "tightens"( well, this is already if you care about the owner of the gift), and secondly, in 50% of the discs are thrown far into the closet and a gift like a nebylo.

10. Postcards.

Never give a postcard as a gift. You will think of a bad opinion or that you are poor.

Well, at last, always remember these rules and carefully choose a gift.