Rating of the smallest countries in the world

The US Census Bureau published the rating of the smallest countries in the world. Below is a list of winners of this rating. Almost all of these countries are so small that they can compare with the small cities of our Russia, and yet these are states recognized by the world community.


  • 1 Vatican
  • 2 Monaco
  • 3 Nauru
  • 4 Tuvalu
  • 5 San Marino
  • 6 Liechtenstein
  • 7 Marshall Islands
  • 8 Maldives
  • 9 Malta
  • 10 Grenada

1 Vatican

A state city called the Vatican is often regarded as theA small enclave state in Rome, which is completely independent of Italy. The Vatican's position in international law is an additional sovereign territory of the Holy See and the Pope. Other most countries in the world. ..

2 Monaco

The Principality of Monaco or the State of Monaco is a small state located in the southern part of Europe on the very shore of the Mediterranean Sea;land borders with France. By right is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world according to the US Census Bureau.

3 Nauru

The Republic of Nauru is a small state on the same coral reef in the western Pacific with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 21.3 kilometers and a population of about 13,000 people. The independence of Nauru was proclaimed in 1968.The island of Nauru itself is located 42 km south of the equator. .

4 Tuvalu

Tuvalu. Atoll group in the west of the same Pacific Ocean, in the Polynesian basin.

5 San Marino

Actually another famous city-state

6 Liechtenstein

Also one of the smallest countries, sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria.

7 Marshall Islands

State name The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a small state in the northern part of the same Pacific Ocean, located on an archipelago of the same name. It consists of 34 islands, divided into two groups: one southeast - Ratak Islands and the second northeast - the islands of Ralik.

8 Maldives

Maldives is a state located south of India, located on an atoll cluster in the Indian Ocean.

9 Malta

The Order of Malta is small, it is the size of a truck.

10 Grenada

Grenada is an island state in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea, also occupying the territory of the southern Grenadian islands. This is another of the ranking of the smallest countries in the world.