Rating of the main celebrities of Russia

The life of famous people has always interested the public. Magazines, newspapers, Internet sites are full of bright headlines about events from the life of a certain part of the Russian population. Forbes magazine compiled the rating of Russia's top celebrities , taking into account factors such as "star" revenues, interest generated by the audience on the Internet, and media attention.


  • 10. Dima Bilan, 29 years old
  • 9. Elena Vaenga, 34 years old
  • 8. Ksenia Sobchak, 29 years old
  • 7. Nikolai Baskov, 34,
  • 6. Philip Kirkorov, 44 years old
  • 5. Gregory Leps, 49years
  • 4. Alexander Ovechkin, 26
  • 3. Alla Pugacheva, 62
  • 2. Maria Sharapova, 24
  • 1. Stas Mikhailov, 42 years old

10. Dima Bilan, 29 years old

The first Russian performer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in Russia2008, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, he went down in the ranking from the honorary 3rd place to the 10th in 5 years. He started Dima in 2000 under the strict guidance of Yuriy Aizenshpis, and at the moment his income is $ 4.3 million, and for the year there were 232 mentions in the press.

9. Elena Vaenga, 34 years old

Elena wrote her first song at the age of 9, and in 2009 she received the Golden Gramophone, and she also gives a concert every year in honor of her birthday in St. Petersburg. Her income - $ 6.4 million, and the print press paid her attention 77 times over the past year.

8. Ksenia Sobchak, 29 years old

The daughter of the Mayor of St. Petersburg gained popularity in a wide range of circles after she became the leading scandalous reality TV show "Dom-2" and also released several books. Her income is $ 2.8 million, and for the year there were 329 mentions in the paper press.

7. Nikolai Baskov, 34 years

In 22 years he won the contest of opera singers, and in 2000 Nikolai gained wide popularity thanks to the clip "In Memory of Caruso", after which he performed a number of concerts with Montserrat Caballe, becoming his pupil laterthe title of People's Artist of Ukraine and Russia. His income is $ 8.4 million, and the press has mentioned 208 times about it for a year.

6. Philip Kirkorov, 44 years

People's Artist of Ukraine and Russia, he met Alla Pugacheva at age 11 and worked in her "Theater of Songs", and in 18 he made his debut on television. At the moment, his income is $ 5.8 million, and he also boasts 398 mentions in the press.

5. Grigory Leps, 49

Since 2007, every year he has won the Golden Gramophone Award, in honor of which he was called a bar-karaoke in Moscow, at the same time he performed at the restaurants of Sochi until the age of 30, and only then moved to Moscow. Today, the singer earns $ 12 million, but the media is not particularly interested in his life - 75 publications per year - not so much. Maybe this is for the best?

4. Alexander Ovechkin, 26

I got the first hockey kit as a gift at the age of two, I was seriously engaged in hockey with 8, and at 16 I made my debut as a member of Dynamo in the Russian Hockey Super League. In 2006 he became the best NHL rookie, and he was recognized as the most valuable player of the NHL for two years in a row - in 2008 and 2009. His income is $ 14 million, and the media refers to his person without special excitement - 99 publications per year.

3. Alla Pugacheva, 62 years

She recorded a song for the radio program "Good Morning" at the age of 16, took 15th place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997, is known for her scandalous marriage to Philip Kirkorov, who is younger than her almost 20 years. People's Artist of the RSFSR, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the USSR, she simultaneously managed to raise her daughter Kristina Orbakaite, to star in films, to start and to broadcast TV and radio programs. Her income is $ 4.8 million and she is extremely popular among journalists - 426 publications per year.

2. Maria Sharapova, 24,

For the first time in the history of the rating, it left its first line. At 17, she already won Wimbledon and immediately became especially popular with male spectators because of her cries during the game. A year later she became the first racket of the world and since that cups and medals filled her shelves at a frantic pace. In addition to the strict schedule of training, he finds time for shooting in advertising, being the face of simultaneously six companies. Its revenue is $ 24.8 million, and for the year it was mentioned 153 times in the media.

1. Stas Mikhailov, 42

First he studied at the Minsk Civil Aviation School, following in the footsteps of his father, who was a pilot, but quit his studies and entered the Tambov State Institute of Culture after the army. Since 1992 he worked at the Variety Theater in Moscow, and in 5 years he released his first album. To date, his income is $ 20 million, radio Chanson called him "Artist of the Year", in 2010 his album became the most sold in Russia, and is also an Honored Artist of Russia. Many times expressed his negative attitude to the media, but nevertheless mentioned in the print media 77 times a year.