The highest paid players of the world in 2011

What could be better than doing your favorite thing and getting huge money for it? Today, the footballer is an extremely prestigious profession, the players of professional teams know the whole Old World, and most of them are the whole world. Even a person who does not look at football willy-nilly learns the names of famous football players. For such popularity football clubs have to fork out, and to get this or that player to themselves they will have to lay out tens of millions. rating of the highest paid players perfectly reflects the situation on the football market.

The most expensive of Russian players - Andrei Arshavin did not get in the top 50 most expensive players.


  • 10. Kaka( Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite), 29 years old
  • 9. Franck Bilal Ribury, 28 years
  • 8. Fernando Jos? Torres Sanz, 27years
  • 7. Xavier Hern? ndez i Creus, 31 year
  • 6. David Villa S? nchez, 29 years old
  • 5. Wayne Mark Rooney,25 years old
  • 4. Cesc Fa? Bregas( Francesc "Cesc" F? Bregas i Soler), 24 years old
  • 3. Andrés Inje? Sa, 27 years old
  • 2. Cristia? WellCristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, 26
  • Lionel Andrés Messi, 24,

10. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, 29 years old

Club: Real Madrid»

Cost: 45 million euro

Since 1994played in the youth club of São Paulo, debuted in 2001, scoring 12 goals in the first season. In 2003, he joined Milan, which had to pay 8.5 million euros, while 3 years ago Gaziantepspor refused to pay 1.5 million euros for a young footballer."Manchester City" in 2009 offered "Milan" 100 million pounds sterling for the player, but the player refused to leave, but after six months Kaka moved to Real Madrid, having signed a contract for a 6-year period.

9. Franck Bilal Rib? Ry, 28 years old

Club: Bayern

Cost: 45 million euros

Debuted in the Boulogne team in 2001, over the next 6 years he changed many teams: "Olympic", "Metz "," Galatasaray ", who left due to salary problems," Marseille ".In 2007, I signed a contract with Bayern Munich for a record amount for the club - 25 million euros, which continues to play until now.

8. Fernando Jos? Torres Sanz, 27 years

Club: Chelsea

Cost: 46 million euros

Started playing at the Parque 84 team since five years. When he was ten, he already played for the children's team, for which in the first season sent 55 goals to the opponent's goal, and then joined the team of his dream - "Atletico", which in 1999 signed a contract. Having won the European Championship and tournament in the Algarve for the national team of Spain was recognized as the best player, and later became the youngest captain in the history of "Atletico".In 2007, moved to Liverpool, where in the first season scored 20 goals. In early 2011, the player signed a contract with Chelsea for 5.5 years. This decision caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the fans of Liverpool.

7. Xavier Hern? Ndez i Creus, 31 year

Club: Barcelona

Cost: 50 million euro

The pupil of the Barcelona school since 11 years, where he achieved great success, making his debut in 1998 in the main team. Provided the team a victory against Real Valladolid, scoring his first goal. In 2004, he became vice-captain, but in the next season he was injured, because of which he missed 5 months of the game period. In the 2008-2009 season played a decisive role in the victory of the team in the Cup of Spain, which earned a solid place in the main part of Barcelona. In the same season, extended the contract until 2014 with Barcelona, ​​after which he became one of the highest paid players.

6. David Villa S? Nchez, 29 years

Club: Barcelona

Price: 50 million euros

Repeating the path of the childhood idol of Kini, Villa started at the local club "Sporting" Gijon. In the first two( 2000-2001) scored 25 goals, which provided him a place in the first team, but managers said that he lacks endurance. In 2003 he signed a contract with Real Zaragoza, where he quickly adapted to the game at the highest level. In the 2003-2004 season in the final of the Cup of Spain played a decisive role in the victory of the team. In 2005 he signed a contract with Valencia, and immediately in the new team scored 25 goals in the first season. In 2010, a contract was signed with Barcelona, ​​where he continued to play under the same number as in Valencia.

5. Wayne Mark Rooney, 25 years old

Club: Manchester United

Cost: 52 million euros

Already in 7 years, he scored the winning goal in the game for the team of the local pub "Western", at the age of 9years he was invited to watch simultaneously at Everton and Liverpool, but the contract was signed with Everton. At the Everton Academy, Wayne made great strides and in 2002 scored the first goal for the club's main team. In 2003, the player became the youngest in the England squad. In 2004, the footballer very brightly declared himself at the European Championships, and the club offered to extend the contract, but Rooney demanded to put him on a transfer. Received 2 offers - from Manchester United and Newcastle, but the contract was signed with Manchester United, which paid a record amount for a player who was not 20 years old.

4. Cesc Fa-bregas( Francesc "Cesc" F? Bregas i Soler), 24 years

Club: Barcelona

Cost: 55 million euros

At 10 years old, he entered the Barcelona Academy, but, despite considerable success, hedid not allow to break into the first team, so in 2003 Cesc easily accepted the offer to transfer to the Academy of Arsenal, where he was immediately given the opportunity to play for the main line-up. In 2004, the first contract was signed, and Cesc was in the main part in the FA Cup final. In 2008, he became the captain of the team - one of the youngest in the history of the club, but there were rumors in the media about the transfer of the player to "Barcelona", which, according to the football player was his dream team."Barcelona" led a long struggle for Cesc, constantly increasing the proposed amount, and in August 2011, the football player made his debut in the club, scoring the first goal already during his second match for "Barcelona".

3. Andrés Andrés Iniesta Luj? N, 27 years old

Club: Barcelona

Cost: 60 million euros

Debuted in 2002 in the starting lineup of Barcelona, ​​played next season in 11matches, scoring the first goal in the championship of Spain. In the 2004-2005 season, he played more than any other team player - in 37 games out of 38. At that time he was the most promising midfielder in Europe, so he was in the national team of Spain. The 2008-2009 season was extremely traumatic for the player, which did not stop him from becoming one of the best players and the hero of the semi-final, scoring Chelsea in the final seconds of the game. However, injuries still prevented from entering the field at the beginning of the next season.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, 26

Club: Real Madrid

Cost: 90 million euros

At the age of 10 he signed the first contract with the club "Nacional", and the following year- with "Sporting", where he was in the youth academy. In this team, he played for all the compositions in one season, something that had never happened before. In 2001, he made his debut for an adult squad, scoring a goal in the first half of his game. And in the same year he was admitted to the youth national team of Portugal. Even when Ronaldo was 16 years old he was noticed by the coach of Liverpool, but the club decided that the player is still too young and inexperienced. And in the summer of 2003, the game of the young football player impressed the players of the United team and they convinced the management to sign a contract with Ronaldo. He made his debut in a new team in August 2003, and scored his first goal in November. In 2006, he was the first to receive the "Best Footballer of the Premier League Month" award twice in a row - in November and December. In 2008 he entered the field with a captain's armband for the first time and scored both goals in this match, and by the end of the year he received the "Golden Ball".In June 2009, Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid, and the deal was the most expensive real transfer in history.

Lionel Andrés Messi, 24 years old

Club: Barcelona

Cost: 100 million euro

Highest-paid football player

With 13 years of age he played in the youth team of "Barcelona", while scoring one goal in the match. In the main team debuted in 2003, after which all the media were delighted with the young football player, comparing it with Maradona and Ronaldinho. In the 2004-2005 season, he became the youngest player in the history of the club, who distinguished himself in the championship of Spain - he was 17 years old. In 2005, scored the first goal in the Champions League, in the same year he received the title of "Golden Boy".In 2009 he won the Champions League for Barcelona, ​​and became the best scorer of this season. And then, according to the UEFA version, he received such titles as Best Footballer in Club Football and Best Champion League Champion, and also became the owner of the "Diamond Ball" and the "Golden Ball".In the 2009-2010 season, Barcelona took the Spanish Super Cup and the UEFA Super Cup, in 2010-2011 - became the winner of the Champions League. The current contract with Barcelona Messi is valid until 2016.

Author: Alena Kashtanova