The best photographers of our time - Top-10

Photography is an unusually diverse art. Attract attention of the public and magnificent landscapes, and photo portraits, and promotional pictures. Therefore, choosing the best craftsmen is not an easy task.

Our Top-10 includes the best modern photographers of in various genres. They are known all over the world and are practically recognized as classics of photo art.


  • 10. Anne Geddes - the best children photographer
  • 9. Paul Hansen - best photojournalist
  • 8. Terry Richardson - the best advertising photographer
  • 7. Denis Reggi - the best wedding photographer
  • 6. Patrick Demarchelier - the best fashion photographer
  • 5Yuri Artyukhin - the best wildlife photographer
  • 4. Helmut Newton is the best photographer in the nude genre
  • 3. David Dubile is the best underwater photographer
  • 2. Steve McCurry is the most famous photographer of National Geographic
  • 1. Ron Galella is the most famous paparazzi

10. Anne Gayddes - the best children's photographer

Children's photography Anne Geddes has been engaged for 30 years. Throughout the world, books, cards and calendars are known with photos of toddlers in a variety of ways. In the pictures Geddes is inspired by many photographers who start working with children. The secret of success to Anna is simple, she is sure that children are the only real joy in life.

9. Paul Hansen is the best photo reporter for

Hansen is one of the most famous photo reporters in the world. Seven times he became the best photographer in Sweden, twice - the winner of the prestigious photo contest POYi( "International Photography of the Year").And in 2013, Paul won the World Press Photo contest with a photo taken at the funeral of two young children killed in Palestine.

8. Terry Richardson - the best advertising photographer

Photos Richardson sometimes very unusual, but always attract the eye and remembered for a long time. Among the clients of Terry are such famous brands as Gucci, Sisley, Levi's, Eres, Miu Miu, Chloe, APC, Nike, Carolina Herrera, Kenneth Cole and many others. Richardson's photos are regularly published by Vogue, I-D, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Dazed and Confused, W and Purple.

7. Denis Reggi - the best wedding photographer

Reggie became a revolutionary in the wedding photo industry. After all, it was he who invented pictures in the manner of the reportage. The works of Denis are decorated not only with family photo albums, but also with pages of such publications as W, Elle, Vogue, Town and Country, Glamor and Harper's Bazaar

6. Patrick Demarchelier - the best fashion photographer

During his long career, Demarchelier worked with such publications, Like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar. He ordered his advertising campaigns Dior, TAG Heuer, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren.

5. Yury Artyukhin - the best wildlife photographer

The scientific employee of the laboratory of ornithology of the Pacific Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a passionate admirer of birds. It is the photos of the birds that have been repeatedly awarded with prestigious awards and awards at various competitions in Russia and abroad.

4. Helmut Newton - the best photographer in the genre of nude

Photos of Newton in the genre of "nude" are known throughout the world. For his contribution to the art of photography, Newton was awarded the Order of Merit for the FRG, the French Order of Arts and Literature, the Monaco Order of Arts, Literature and Science.

3. David Dubile - the best underwater photographer

Under the water surface Dubile has been working for five decades. His work is often published by National Geographic. David - the owner of many prestigious awards in the field of photo art. It removes the underwater world in the equatorial waters, and under the ice at the north and south poles.

2. Steve McCurry - the most famous photographer National Geographic

Fame brought Steve a photograph of the "Afghan girl", which National Geographic placed on the cover in 1985.The photo was soon recognized as the most famous photograph in the history of the magazine. In addition to the famous photo, on the account of McCurry there are many beautiful works in the genre of photo reportage

1. Ron Gallela - the most famous paparazzi

Garella is the pioneer of the paparazzi industry. Among the stars that have become "victims" of Ron are Julia Roberts, Madonna, Al Pacino, Woody Allen, Sophia Loren. Marlon Brando broke his jaw in Garella and knocked out five of his teeth, and Jacqueline Kennedy filed a lawsuit against the photographer, which prohibited Ron from approaching Jackie closer than 20 meters.