Top of the most common mistakes in writing a resume

Illiteracy, the main drawback of the resume , capable of causing irritation of any HR professional, is the elementary grammatical and spelling errors admitted by the competitor .Until the first meeting, which may still not be, resume - this person is the applicant for the post. Although literacy, for unknown reasons, is often not given due attention.

Some shortcomings, experts note, are quite curious in nature.

"For example, you had to deal with the case when the girl indicated that she was not" married "or even completely" unmarried. "Naturally, because of these errors , the competitor does not lose all chances to get a new job .Anyway, such oversights can play a cruel joke with him - they begin to take him less seriously, "the specialists said.


  • 2. Lack of a clear goal or its inconsistency
  • 3. Lack of necessary data
  • 4. Attempt to embellish resume
  • 5. Inappropriate information
    • How to avoid the main mistakes in writing a resume:

2. Lack of a clear goal or its inconsistency

Separate the resume , sent by applicants for a specific, clearly written out position, does not contain the main point: the purpose. Complicating the situation is that large companies are looking for employees for several vacant positions at the same time, and the "aimless" resume does not allow to determine what applicants claims for.

Also, there are cases when the target specified in resumes , does not correspond at all with job .

"Often, the goal described in the resume , does not fit the job for which it was sent at all, which indicates the carelessness of the candidate" , "said Oksana Bochkovskaya, search specialist and recruiting Information Analyticalcenter "Liga".

According to her, when selects candidates HR manager identifies the most important for this vacancy requirements and on them estimates sent competitor summary .For any post, has developed an exclusive set of requirements: it may be education, and experience , special skills, etc.

"In our company, managers at use key competences for using .This approach facilitates and speeds up the search process and of recruitment for open vacancies .Since when defining the competencies and initiator vacancies , andthe manager for to the personnel of clearly defines what the candidate should know, and what skills it can be taught already in the company( taking into account the specifics of the business). In addition, parameters are createdevaluation of the work of a new employee in the company, and criteria for assessing the probation period( adaptation period), "she said.

3. Lack of necessary data

Another common mistake - in resume not required data, for example, contacts of the applicant .Often there are no phone numbers, e-mail. However, there are also cases when applicants forget to indicate even their own name and surname."At all desire, to invite such candidate to a meeting is simply unrealistic," Bochkovskaya stressed.

Often in the sections summary , dedicated to experience of , do not specify the full names of firms, their scope of activities. But from time to time companies with the same or a similar name can work in completely different segments of the market. Moreover, the addresses of the Internet pages of firms are not often indicated, however, if there is a web address to the employer , it is much easier and more convenient to get familiar with the previous work place of the applicant .

From data that is better to indicate in summary of - motives of work change .Explanation of the reasons, on the one hand, will allow the employer to understand the logic of the candidate, and on the other hand, to assess whether his requests match the job offer .

4. Attempt to embellish summary

On the assurances of search specialists, applicants often point out in a summary of personal qualities, skills and knowledge that they do not really possess.

"If you are not sure what qualities you have, better just remove this section from the summary" , "Bochkovskaya emphasizes.

Candidates like to overstate their competence. Specialists note that sometimes, with complete ignorance of the English language, candidate on the post indicates that he owns it "with a dictionary" or even "freely."

"This kind of trick can be easily discovered - it's enough to ask a person something in English," experts said.

5. Inappropriate

Information requires the to describe the details, but only relevant ones: job assignments and professional achievements, diplomas and degrees in the field in which the aspirant aspires. For example, if the applicant was engaged in scientific activities and simultaneously worked in the field of marketing, then in a summary of , aimed at getting the work of brand manager, it is not necessary to describe scientific achievements and provide a complete list of articles, publications and scientific papers. The main attention should be paid to specific skills and knowledge that were obtained in the process by as a marketer.

It is also important to ensure that the phrases used in the resume , were understandable and logical.

"Once a girl-secretary called her own duties" driver's management "and" file-based documents. In another , the job seeker as his own hobby pointed out "bicycle, swimming, girls, books," - told in the consulting company "Fast and the Furious".

In some resumes there are also unexplained incidents at all.

For example, , , came to the portal once, a girl who claimed to be an HR manager. To summary the applicant attached a few of his photos, with only 1 of them being businesslike, and others being beach.

"Without doubt, this case amused experts on employment , although the desire to meet with candidate did not cause," - noted the specialists.

How to avoid major mistakes in the compilation of summary:

There are several main rules, adhering to which it is possible to protect yourself from annoying mistakes when compiling summary of .

1. Be sure to check that your resume was written correctly.
2. Be consistent: if you have used the abbreviation 1 time, use it throughout the summary of the ( however, all the names should be cited).Do not use special abbreviations, the decoding of which is known only within your company.
3. Avoid long phrases.
4. All resumes of should be designed in one style.
5. It is better to select the desired headers.
6. It is important that your summary of is made up to a maximum of 2 pages.
7. If you are applying for a position in a foreign company or the main competence is the possession of foreign languages, then you need to prepare a version in the language of the country of the company.
8. And the main thing, be sure that you will be able to confirm all the information included in the summary of .

Except this, experts advise avoiding the exploitation of the pronoun "I".

In addition, it is necessary to select extremely specific language: in , the summary of does not need to be written with templates, for example, "took part", "engaged in training".It is worthwhile to point out specific achievements, for example, "increased sales by 10%", "accounts receivable were reduced by 18%", "trained 3 employees," etc.

It is also necessary to avoid passive forms, for example: "I was responsible for. ..", "I found the use of the following possibilities. ..".It is worth writing: "responsible for. ..", "used effectively. ..".

Experts agree that the main summary of is clarity, brevity, literacy and honesty. If aspirant indicated the necessary experience, skills and is confident in each of the items of 's own resume, then this is already the first step to success.