The most successful women entrepreneurs 2013

A woman can succeed in a variety of areas of the economy. So, in the next rating of the edition Forbes there is a designer, developer, manufacturer of electronic components.

In today's top ten most successful women entrepreneurs are gathered as of 2013.They are from different countries and each has its own way in business, but all ten are certainly successful, charismatic and talented.


10. Gisele Bundchen( USA)

  • 9. Beyonce( USA)
  • 8. Sher Vang( Taiwan)
  • 7. Weil Daye( USA)
  • 6. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw( India)
  • 5. Tory BirchUSA)
  • 4. Sarah Blakely( USA)
  • 3. Oprah Winfrey( USA)
  • 2. Zhang Xin( China)
  • 1. Wu Yahun( China)
  • 10. Gisele Bundchen( USA)

    The highest paid model in the world is onefrom co-founders of the company Sejaa, which produces natural cosmetics. In 2012, the income from the business of the 33-year-old Giselle amounted to $ 42 million.

    9. Beyonce( USA)

    Pop diva pays much attention not only to creativity, but also to the development of its own business. In 2012, Beyoncé's income was $ 53 million. Together with her mother, the singer releases a successful brand of women's clothing House of Dereon.

    8. Sher Vang( Taiwan)

    Cher - chairman of the board of directors of the well-known HTC smartphone manufacturer. The annual revenue of the company is about $ 9 billion. Sher Wang stood at the origins of HTC in 1997 and today heads marketing, sales and negotiations with suppliers.

    7. Weil Dai( USA)

    The company Wadey Marvell Technology is a successful manufacturer of electronic components. A native of China started her business in 1995 together with her husband. Today the company brings revenues of about $ 3 billion a year.

    6. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw( India)

    Kiran with his company Biocon is the leader in his country in the field of biotechnology. The state of the Indian is estimated at $ 625 million. She founded her business at the age of 25 and raised it to incredible heights over the past 35 years.

    5. Tory Birch( USA)

    The brand of designer clothes and accessories Tory Burch is known all over the world. The state of Tori is estimated at $ 1 billion, and the company's value is $ 3 billion. In the creation of the business of Tori, the advice of the former spouse, the investment banker Christopher Birch, helped a lot.

    4. Sarah Blakely( USA)

    At the age of 29, Sarah ventured and invested all of her savings( $ 5,000) in creating tightening tights for innovative technology. So from the saleswoman of faxes Blakely turned into the possessor of a fortune of $ 1 billion.

    3. Oprah Winfrey( USA)

    The state of the world's most famous TV presenter is about $ 2.9 billion. To date, Oprah owns a magazine, film studio, cable TV channel, radio network and megapoolsite of

    2. Zhang Xin( China)

    Together with his spouse Zhang is estimated at $ 3.9 billion. Their family company SOHO China is China's most successful private developer. Zhang Xin ranked 348th line in the Forbes ranking of the world's richest people.

    1. Wu Yahun( China)

    The most successful woman entrepreneur owns a fortune of $ 4.1 billion The company 49-year-old Wu Longfor Properties is engaged in construction. Yahun founded her business in 1993 and today is the richest woman in the world who has earned her billions independently.