Top 10 Most Popular Russian Stars of 2012

Forbes magazine unveiled the rating of the most popular and wealthy Russian celebrities .As well as it is necessary to such edition, selecting "stars", the magazine first of all was guided by the sizes of their earnings in the period from the beginning of July of last year on the end of June current. Also taken into account the interest of the public to these heroes of the show, as well as their popularity from the point of view of the search system "Yandex".

Forbes magazine publishes the list of the most important celebrities of Russia for the eighth time. In total, there were 50 "stars", of which 23 musicians and a singer, 13 TV hosts, 6 representatives of the theater and cinema world, 6 sportsmen, one dancer and one model. If you add their income, the total amount is $ 219 million.


10. Nikolay Baskov

  • 9. Dima Bilan
  • 8. Nikita Mikhalkov
  • 7. Ksenia Sobchak
  • 6. Grigory Leps
  • 5. Alexander Ovechkin
  • 4. Philip Kirkorov
  • 3. Alla Pugacheva
  • 2. Maria Sharapova
  • 1Stas Mikhailov
  • 10. Nikolai Baskov

    Nikolai Baskov is nicknamed a man-holiday and a romantic of the Russian stage. Over the past year, he met his bride, information about him in Yandex was searched for 2.3 million times. However, the commercial "vein" is not alien to him. During this time, Nicholas managed to add another $ 6.4 million to his income.

    9. Dima Bilan

    Dima Bilan on the Internet were interested in 6 million times. At the same time, he earned a little less than Baskov - 5.2 million dollars. He also distinguished himself by the fact that he took the second place in the national selection of "Eurovision" in duet with Yulia Volkova, singing the song "Back To Her Future".

    8. Nikita Mikhalkov

    About the famous director during the year, users of Runet remembered 700 thousand times. The representative of the director's dynasty earned $ 2.7 million a year on the cinema. But he did not calm down and announced the filming of another movie masterpiece with the working title "Sunstroke".

    7. Ksenia Sobchak

    Ksenia Sobchak, despite the nickname "Opponent's mouthpiece", and maybe thanks to him, was popular with the Internet audience. Her name was driven into the search line of "Yandex" 7 million times. It earned 2.4 million dollars for the year.

    6. Grigory Leps

    The favorite of women and even men also interested the Russian users of the world network also 7 million times. However, earned more than the example of Ksyusha Sobchak - as much as $ 12 million.

    5. Alexander Ovechkin

    The first hockey player of Russia turned out to be the richest hockey player of the country, having earned 15 million dollars for the year. However, hockey Russians like still less popular music and information about the athlete in the search engine was looking for only 830,000 times.

    4. Philip Kirkorov

    The pop-king of the Russian stage held this year with great benefit: he became a father for the second time, he found a future wife. In parallel, he earned 8 million. They searched for information on the Internet more than 8 million times.

    3. Alla Pugacheva

    The immaculate prima donna has again become a grandmother for the past year, recorded a new song "Do not hang out, daughter" and earned 8.3 million dollars. On the account of "Yandex" 7 million requests addressed to Alla Borisovna.

    2. Maria Sharapova

    The tennis player has managed to earn more than all Russian "stars" and variety and sports. Her income for the year was $ 24 million. However, the primacy of the rich celebrities of Russia it could not win because of low popularity. The name of the first racket of the world in "Yandex" was searched for only 840 thousand.

    1. Stas Mikhailov

    The famous chanson is rightly called the most popular "star" of Russia .News about the singer in the Russian-language Internet was searched 12 million times. Stas Mikhailov earned 21 million dollars during this time, in connection with which he promised his parents to give a hotel in Sochi.