Rating of the best books of 2011

Ratings of fiction are compiled regularly, but annual represent the greatest interest. We chose the most popular books of 2011 on the basis of data on sales of the largest book chains.
Experts of the book market note the undoubted influence of cinema on readers' preferences. The rating includes several works that survived the adaptation, which incredibly increased the popularity of the literary source.

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10.Oshchivaet rating books 2011 classic work by Jerome Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye."The novel written in 1951 still does not lose its relevance today.

9. At the ninth position Janusz Leon Vishnevsky with the reissued in 2009 novel "Loneliness in the network."Heroes of the book, whose life appears before the reader in the form of their virtual correspondence on the Internet, are found in Paris. And this real meeting proves to be a serious test for both. The novel was filmed in 2006.

8. Also reissued book "Ranevskaya. Cases, jokes, aphorisms ┬╗Faina Ranevskaya was on the eighth line of the rating.
7. New from Tatyana Ustinova "Uncut pages" is another exciting story from the recognized master of the Russian detective. The book has everything that a fan of a quality detective novel can dream of.
6. Roman Ludmila Ulitskaya "Green Tent" for many fans of the writer - the best book of 2011 , including because the output of the work was accompanied by rumors that the author plans to finish his career on this. The "tent" was issued in a circulation of 200 thousand copies.
5. "Eat, pray, love" Elizabeth Gilbert owes her popularity to the appearance on the screens of the melodrama of the same name. Regardless of the ambiguous evaluations of film critics received by the screen version, most viewers wanted to get acquainted with the printed primary source.
4. The classic work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez "One Hundred Years of Solitude" has not lost popularity for many years, regularly falling with the ratings of the most read books. It's nice that the rating of the most interesting books, according to readers, includes literature of such a high level.
3. Three of the leaders of the rating opens the book "One Day" by David Nichols. This is both a funny and sad love story, which in 2011 was screened by director Lone Scherfig.
2. Almost inferior to the leader of the second most popular book of 2011 - the novel of the cult Japanese writer Haruki Murakami "1Q84".Despite the fact that according to the author's intention the book's exit was not accompanied by announcements, advertisement and loud statements, it became a sensation of the cultural life of Japan. Released in 2009, the two-volume was sold at home in a circulation of 3.23 million copies. The novel is presented to Russian readers for the first time in 2011 in the translation of Dmitry Kovalenin, who has already worked on such famous works by Murakami as "Hunting for Sheep", "Aftermark" and "Dance, Dance, Dance".
1. The most read book of 2011 - "Death as Art" by Alexandra Marinina. This is another story with the beloved Russians Nastya Kamenskaya as the main character.
The most popular books of 2011 of the year are both works of domestic writers, and creativity of foreign authors. It is noteworthy that the bestsellers of the 2011 book are not only new, but also time-tested classical works, like Marquez and Salinger.