10 best football goalkeepers of the world

Each fan certainly has a favorite player who does not need any confirmation of his "professionalism".Nevertheless, fans of football with pleasure study various ratings, especially rejoicing, having seen an expensive person in the top lines. Today in our ranking presents the best goalkeepers in the world of football for the last 25 years according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics( IFFHS).


  • 10. Claudio Andr? Mergen Taffarel,
  • 9. Andoni Zubizarreta,
  • 8. Walter Zenga,
  • 7. José Luis FélixChilavert),
  • 6. Petr-ech,
  • 5. Oliver Kahn,
  • 4. Peter Schmeichel,
  • 3. Edwin van der Sar,
  • 2Iker Casillas,
  • 1. Gianluigi Buffon,

10. Claudio Andr? Mergen Taffarel,

Brazil. This goalkeeper won the title of world champion, standing on the gates of his native Brazilian national team, however, never became the best goalkeeper of the year.

9. Andoni Zubizarreta,

Spain. Ex-goalkeeper, "Barcelona" and the Spanish national team after the end of his career became the sports director of his former club.

8. Walter Zenga,

Italy. Former goalkeeper of "Milan" successfully continued his career as a coach, and for his outstanding contribution to Italian football became a Knight of the Order of Merit for the Italian Republic.

7. José Luis Félix Chilavert,

Paraguay. Legendary goalkeeper for his career scored 62 goals, and for a long time no one managed to exceed this record.

6. Petr Cech( Petr? Ech) ,

Czech Republic. Goalkeeper of the London "Chelsea" and the Czech national team, by the way, is among the top three best goalkeepers of the world by the results of 2011.

5. Oliver Kahn,

Germany. The legendary goalkeeper of the German national team and the Munich "Bavaria" closes the top five of the rating.

4. Peter Schmeichel,

Denmark. The famous goalkeeper of the "Red Devils" and the European champion of 1992 became the founder of the dynasty of talented goalkeepers - his son Casper succeeds in the footsteps of his father.

3. Edwin van der Sar,

The Netherlands. Despite the fact that the former goalkeeper Manchester United completed their careers at the end of last season, his achievements will not be forgotten by fans or historians from the world of football.

2. Iker Casillas,

Spain. The captain of Madrid "Real" regularly and deservedly takes the top lines in the ratings IFFHS.Goalkeeper is the record holder of the Spanish national team in the number of matches played.

1. Gianluigi Buffon,

Italy. For Buffon, the victory in this rating is certainly pleasant. But this achievement is unlikely to exceed the success of 2009, when GJ was declared the goalkeeper of all time. Among the titles of Buffon there are also such as "The most expensive goalkeeper in the world", as well as "the best player of the Champions League" - a title that the goalkeeper never received before.

The best saves of the best goalkeeper in the world. ..

There are only names on the list of IFFHS 143, however, 10 of the world's best goalkeepers are of the greatest interest. In the full list, incidentally, had seven Russians, of which the highest( 29th) line is located Rinat Dasayev. In addition to ratings for a quarter of a century, the Federation also presents annual analytical data for 12 months. It is noteworthy that goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev took a rather high position in the goalkeeper ranking for 2011, he is assigned 14th place.