Top 10 most sexy girls of the project "House-2"

During the eight years of the existence of the TV project "Dom-2", dozens of participants made an attempt to build love. When selecting candidates for participation in the show, producers are betting, first of all, on the unordinary and sexy appearance of the characters. Therefore, many girls who have visited the walls of "House-2" successfully make a career on TV and after leaving the project.

We have gathered in one of the ten most attractive TV show participants and present TOP-10 of the sexiest girls of the project "Dom-2" .


  • 10. Ekaterina Kolisnichenko
  • 9. Evgeniya Feofilaktova
  • 8. Anastasiya Kovaleva
  • 7. Olga Buzova
  • 6. Victoria Karaseva( Tory)
  • 5. Lilia Kish
  • 4. Lena Busina
  • 3. Lena Berkova
  • 2. AlainVodonaeva
  • 1. Victoria Bonya

10. Ekaterina Kolisnichenko

came to the project with her sister, who, however, stayed in the "House" for a short while. But Katya has been building love for more than two years, although so far without much success.

9. Evgenia Feofilaktova

has been participating in the project since 2009.Eugene strongly supports around his person aura of mystery, hiding the name of the father of his unborn child. Feofilaktova is one of the main contenders for the title of "Person of the Year" in "Dom-2".

8. Anastasia Kovaleva

left the project, but very much expects to return in order to win the sympathy of Alexei Samsonov. In addition, Nastia left unspoken accounts with some of the participants in the TV show.

7. Olga Buzova

came to the "House" in 2004.Today Olga is a TV presenter, chief editor of the publication "The World of reality shows. House-2 ", actress of cinema and theater, as well as the wife of football player Dmitry Tarasov.

6. Victoria Karaseva( Tory)

is one of the brightest and "fatal" beauties of the project. Tori became especially famous after she was in intensive care, having tasted pizza with mussels. In the delicacy was a piece of shell, which hurt the girl's esophagus.

5. Liliya Kish

came to the project from Lviv. Participation in the reality show - a favorite hobby of the girl. From the "House" Lily was driven out together with his beloved Alexander Zadoynov.

4. Lena Bushina

left the project to get married and have a baby. Today, the girl plans to lead a section dedicated to fashion and style in the magazine "Dom-2".Lena often visits the project as a guest.

3. Lena Berkova

became famous not so much for participating in the project "Dom-2", as for shooting in adult films. Elena has about 20 candid pictures, an attempt to run for mayor elections in Sochi, as well as an erotic TV channel "Berkova TV".

2. Alena Vodonaeva

held in the "House" for three years, during this time having earned the title of the most scandalous girl of the TV project, then married and gave birth to a child. Today the girl often acts as the host of all sorts of reality shows: "Good night, men," "Vacation in Mexico - 2".Vodonaeva actively tries herself as a model, speaking at shows and posing for magazines. Alena takes part in the filming of movies and television series, writes songs.

1. Victoria Bonya

is one of 's most successful participants in the project. Before the appearance in the "House" Vika managed to take part in the international beauty contest "Miss Earth", where she represented Russia. Bonya spent 11 months on the project. Then followed the shooting in several films, music videos and the work of a TV presenter. Today Victoria meets with billionaire Alex Smerfit, who gave birth to a daughter.