The most premature babies

In the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, abortions are permitted for gestation up to 24 weeks. Of those children who were born at 25 weeks, about half survive.
This article will consider cases where children were born alive at the 22nd week of pregnancy.

The third place among the shortest gestational age, ending with the birth of the surviving child, belongs to an African American from Florida, Sone Taylor, who gave birth on October 24, 2006 to her daughter Amilius at the 22nd week of pregnancy( 21 weeks and 6 days).At birth Amelia's weight( her full name Amelia Sonya Taylor ) was 284 grams, and the height was 24.13 cm.

The doctor holds the legs of Amylia

Amelia Sonia Taylor's growth with a ballpoint pen:

37-year-old teacher Sonia Taylor,infertility, conceived her daughter as a result of in vitro fertilization( IVF).However, already at the 18th week of pregnancy, Sony began fights. Fortunately, the contractions soon stopped and premature birth was avoided. Within a week, Sony's condition deteriorated again. According to the recommendations of Western medicine, doctors are not advised to try to save lives for children born before 24 weeks, becausethey are considered too underdeveloped, and Sonia understood that she could not hold out for another 5 weeks. But the doctors, having looked at the results of the pictures, decided that the parents had mixed the date of conception, tk.the child looked as if he had been in his mother's womb for 21 weeks. Parents did not argue with this in order to save the child. And when for doctors the 24th week has come, and actually has passed 21 weeks and 6 days, doctors have decided to do cesarean section, tk. There was a threat of infection of a child with an infection beginning with a mother. The newborn girl had a cerebral hemorrhage, but she survived. When the threat to the girl's life was over, all documents about the conception of the girl were checked and the doctors found that the delivery was taken 2 weeks before the minimum deadline.

parents Amylia and clinic doctors who saved the child

After 4 months of stay in the incubator Amelia Sonya Taylor weighed only 1.8 kg. Doctors, writing out the girl, warned her mother that Amylia may have serious delays in development. However, at the age of 13 months, Amelia said the first word.

Sonia Taylor and her daughter Amelia after discharge from hospital:

Two children managed to be born a day earlier than Amylia Taylor. For the first time such a case occurred on May 20, 1987 in Canada, when a bank employee Brenda gave birth to a boy after 21 weeks of 5 days of pregnancy. Doctors were forced to take delivery from a young woman, tk.her condition was very difficult. Doctors immediately warned Brenda that no child of such a degree of prematurity survived, but took all measures to preserve his life by connecting to the apparatus of artificial ventilation. As a result, James Jill , who weighed in at birth of 624 grams, not only survived, but also grew up quite healthy and athletic guy.

James Jill with his parents in 2006

On November 7, 2010, the record of the smallest gestation period was repeated in Germany, where after 21 weeks and 5 days in the mother's womb girl Frida Mangold appeared. She weighed 450 grams and was an increase of 27.94 cm. The 33-year-old mother of the girl Yvonne gave birth to twins, but twin brother Kilian died after 6 weeks due to heart and bowel problems. Frida Mangold was discharged from the hospital. The head doctor of the hospital said that the baby would be healthy and called this case a "medical miracle."

Frida Mangold